Albino Catfish
Albino Catfish


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Albino Catfish

The term albino catfish can refer both to an albino specimen of any catfish species or to a particular species of catfish the Albino Cory Catfish and I will in this text discuss both meanings.

Albino Catfish

Albino catfish are like all other albino as a result of a genetic anomaly that causes the fish to lack pigment and thereby appear white. There exists albino specimens of all catfish species in the wild but the light coloration makes them easier to spot by predators and it is therefore uncommon with adult albino catfish in the wild. Albino Catfish are much more common in captivity where this trait isn’t negative for their survival. They are to the contrary often very appreciated as albino catfish in many ways are valued as superior to regular catfish in captivity. There are several reasons behind the fact that albino catfish are appreciated when breeding catfish commercially. I will in this text use the Albino channel catfish as an example since Albino channel catfish are breed in large quantities and in a good way display the perceived benefits with Albino Catfish.

Albino channel catfish

Albino Channel Catfish has all the traits of the regular Channel catfish. They have the same well tasting meat, the same quality as a sport fish and they grow to the same size. In fact the record Channel catfish in some states has been albino Channel catfish. However the albino form of this catfish has some additional values. The Albino form of the catfish is an appreciated aquarium fish and can be sold in large quantities to aquarium stores. Albino channel catfish are also preferred by some to stock fishing lakes with since the Albino catfish are more easily spotted and allows the fishermen to se that there are fish in the lake even if they are unsuccessful in catching any.

Picture of albino catfish
Albino Catfish. Copyright

There is no doubt that commercial breeding of catfish in captivity has increased the amount of Albino catfish available both in the aquarium trade and in the wild as a result of different restocking efforts. It should however be noted that Albino specimens of all catfish species including the Albino channel catfish is a natural occurring phenomena and that there always been Albino catfish even if only a few survived to become adults.

An albino specimen of any of the larger catfish species can be truly magnificent sight, such as large albino wels catfish.

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Albino Catfish