Kill flying ants

Kill flying ants

Why kill flying ants?
There is usually no need to kill flying ants, since they are a very short lived problem. Flying ants are not a separate ant species. Many different species of ants produce winged specimens that are responsible for reproduction. Carpenter ants will for instance start producing winged males and females (queens) when the colony exists of at least 2,000 carpenter ants. The flying ants will swarm, typically only once year. As soon as the mating has taken place, all the male flying ants will die. To kill flying ants is therefore rarely necessary; they will die automatically within a few hours and you will not be bothered again until next year. To kill flying ants that are female can however be a good idea, since they will start looking for a suitable place to nest as soon as they have mated. Several ant species can settle down in houses and cause a lot of nuisance. Spotting the female ant is usually easy since she is much larger than the males.

When should I kill flying ants?
If you discover only a small number of flying ants in your home, they have probably only been blown in through an open window or similar. If you notice a large swarm of flying ants, you do however have reason to be concerned and to kill flying ants can be a good idea in this situation. A large number of flying ants may indicate that you have one or several ant colonies inside you home. If the original colony contains an ant species that loves to infest human dwellings, then the flying ant queens will most likely choose to set up their new nests inside your home too. The best course of action is therefore to follow this two stage plan:

  1. Eliminate all flying ants that you see by using some form of aerosol that will kill flying ants upon contact. This will prevent fertilized queens from setting up new colonies in your home.
  2. Try to locate the original ant colony or colonies and eliminate it/them. As explained above, the flying ants are produced by an ant colony consisting of non-flying ants. Many species of ants are essentially harmless, but there are also several species that can cause severe wood destruction and such ant colonies should be removed due to safety reasons. Removing the ant colonies are naturally also the best way of preventing future problems with flying ants. To merely kill flying ants will not harm the colony that produced them; the colony will produce new flying ants for years to come.

Kill flying ants using aerosols
You can find a wide range of different aerosol products on the market today, with various active ingredients. It is naturally important to check if the aerosol is legal in your area, especially if you order products from catalogues or over the Internet. Always read and adhere to safety instructions and keep children and pets away when you kill flying ants using aerosols. This is especially important if using aerosols inside the house. 

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