Kill Carpenter Ants

Kill Carpenter Ants

Kill carpenter ant – go for the queen
If you want to successfully kill carpenter ants, you should always aim for their queen. Killing random carpenter ants that you spot in your home will not do much good. Carpenter ants live in colonies and the queen will constantly produce more ants. When the original colony contains at least 2,000 worker ants, it is common for the colony to set up new satellite colonies that contain no queen. Eliminating the queen is therefore much more efficient than constantly battling satellite colonies. Keep in mind that the parent colony doesn’t have to be located in your house, it might be situated in a nearby three, wooden shed or similar. Successful carpenter ant kill methods will therefore usually involve a combination of nest location, mechanical nest destruction and chemical baits. Biological methods are also becoming increasing popular. Certain types of nematodes are for instance known to kill carpenter ants. 

Kill carpenter ants with Borax
Try to find out which type food that your carpenter ants like. You can for instance use some jam as bait and see if they will carry jam back to their nest. When you have found a suitable food type, mix in 3-5 percent borax. Borax is a chemical compound containing sodium, boron, oxygen and hydrogen. Its chemical formula is (Na2B4O2(H2O)10). It is important not to make the bait too strong, since this will kill carpenter ant workers before they reach the nest. Remember, you want to eliminate the queen in the parent nest, not just kill off a few worker ants in your kitchen. Keep using baits for a longer period of time and replace old baits with fresh ones as needed. If you can still see ants after 2-3 weeks, make the baits a bit stronger. Borax will not only kill carpenter ants; it has general fungicidal, herbicidal and insecticidal properties. It should always be kept away from children, pets and wildlife. One of the factors that have turned borax into such a popular way to kill carpenter ants is that it will not evaporate or volatilize into the air where it can be inhaled by humans, pets or wildlife. 

Kill carpenter ants with Diatomaceous earth

Diatomaceous earth (DE) consists of silicon dioxide and is mined from fossilized diatoms (a type of small sea creatures). It is coarse and will stick to the waxy outer layer (cuticle) that protects insects, including carpenter ants. Since diatomaceous earth is abrasive, it will degrade the cuticle and eventually case the carpenter ant to dry up and die. 

Kill carpenter ants with Silica Aerogel
Silica aerogel is composed of silicon dioxide, just like the Diatomaceous earth described above. Unlike diatomaceous earth, silica aerogel is made from sand. It will kill carpenter ants in a similar way, but have a static charge that makes it stick much more tightly to the body of the carpenter ant. Silica aerogel can absorb up to 7 times its own weight in water and will therefore quickly dehydrate and kill carpenter ants.

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