Kill Fire Ants

Kill Fire Ants

Kill fire ants
There are over 280 species of fire ant, so the recommended way to kill fire ants sometimes have to be adjusted to fit the specific fire ant species that you are having trouble with. Different species might for instance prefer different types of food, something that is important to keep in mind when you are preparing baits to kill fire ant colonies. The easiest way of finding out which type of food your fire ants eat is naturally to watch them in action. You can for instance place some jam on a tray and see if the fire ants flock around it and carry the jam back to their nest. If they do not like jam, then proceed to serve them something different, such as grease or meat. If you have a serious fire ant problem in your kitchen, then you probably already know which type of food that makes the fire ants flock around you. 

Kill fire ants using baits
Baits are an efficient way to kill fire ants, since they make it possible to attack the queen and thereby kill the entire fire ant colony. When using aerosols or similar, you will only kill the worker ants that you spray. You can never find and kill all the worker ants and the queen will stay unharmed and continuously produce new worker ants. The idea behind bait stations is that the worker baits will find the dangerous bait, believe that it is harmless food and carry it back to their queen. The queen eats the bait and die. When the queen has died, the entire fire ant colony will vanish. Using bait is therefore a highly efficient way to kill fire ant colonies. 

Kill fire ants using Apocephalus
In southern United States, invasive ant species from other parts of the world have become a problem. The most famous example of an invasive ant species is the South American Solenopsis invicta. In the United States, this ant species is commonly referred to as Red Imported Fire Ant or simply RIFA. In an effort to kill fire ants from this species, phorid flies have been imported from South America and released throughout southern United States. The phorid flies in question belongs to the genus Apocephalus and are more commonly known as ant-decapitating flies. These phorid flies will kill fire ant colonies by laying eggs inside the head of the ant. When the eggs hatch, the larvae will feed on the ant’s head for several days before they emerge. Today, you can find ant-decapitating flies in all the southern U.S. states. A lot of attempts to introduce the flies have proven unsuccessful, but as of 2006 every southern state has at least one or a few sites where the phorid flies are doing well.

Biological control can be a highly effective way to kill fire ants, but must be carried out with caution. Only use species native to your particular area, since there is no way of knowing what yet another invasive species will do to the native ecosystem. Importing new species to kill fire ant colonies should only be done out after extensive research and under extreme supervision. It is therefore not something that private persons or companies should engage in.

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