Hogfish is the common name for fishes of the genus Bodianus. They are a part of the Labridae family and can be found in oceans around the world. Many hogfish species makes good aquarium fishes that can be kept in reef aquariums. They are suitable for community aquariums and suitable companions include rabbitfish, parrotfish, sweetlips, puffers, hawkfish, tangs and surgeons. Make sure that you choose companions of suitable size for your hogfish. Most hogfish species can be kept with live corals without any problem.

Hogfish are usually very friendly to semi aggressive but can be territorial against other hogfish and it is therefore important to introduce all hogfish that you want to keep in your aquarium at the same time. You should also make sure to introduce any shrimp that you want to keep with your hogfish before or at the same time that you introduce your hogfish. Adult hogfish can often eat shrimps that are introduced to “their” aquarium after they grew up. They do however seldom touch shrimps that they grown up with.

The aquarium size needed depends on what species of hogfish you want to keep but the smaller species such as the Pacific Redstripe Hogfish can be kept in a 30 gallon / 115 L aquarium while the larger species such as Blackfin Hogfish requires an aquarium of at least 150 gallon / 540 L. Different hogfish species has different preferences in regards to water values and you should find out more about the specific species you are considering before buying it. Try searching our species profiles library for your species.

Hogfish are usually relatively easy to feed and will accept a large array of different food sources. The larger species can be feed worms, snails, small fish, mussels, shrimp, and squid.

Adding supplement vitamins to their diet can be a good an idea. The smaller species is better feed mysis and brine shrimp. Most hogfish will also accept marine flake food. If they don’t accept marine flake food from the start you may be able to train them to do so.

Some hogfish species goes through remarkable pattern changes while they grow up. It is often impossible to se that the young fish and their adult counterpart is the same species if you don’t know it.

hogfish bodianus anthioides
Bodianus anthioides – a type of hogfish. Copyright www.jjphoto.dk

Some hogfish will server as cleaner fish while they are young, most species will however stop showing this behaviours when they become adults.

Some hogfish species are readily available in the aquarium trade while other species are more unusual.

Hogfish are also an appreciated food and sport fish Hogfish fishing is especially popular outside the coast of Florida and the Florida Keys where a lot of hogfish charters are available. Another sing of the popularity that the hogfish enjoys in Florida is the fact that it given name to the famous hogfish grill restaurant in Tampa Bay.

hogfish bodianus rufus
Bodianus rufus – another type of hogfish. Copyright www.jjphoto.dk

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