Ayamaru Rainbowfish - Melanotaenia ajamaruensis
Ayamaru Rainbowfish - Melanotaenia ajamaruensis

Ayamaru Rainbowfish - Melanotaenia ajamaruensis

The Ayamaru Rainbowfish was scientifically described by Allen & Cross in 1980. Its scientific name is Melanotaenia ajamaruensis. It was first collected in 1955 by Dr M. Boeseman.

The Ayamaru Rainbowfish can reach a length of roughly 11 cm (4.3 inches). The colouration of live specimens remains unknown, but it is believed be similar to Melanotaenia boesemani (based on the appearance of dead preserved specimens).  

Geographical distribution, habitat and conservation
The Ayamaru Rainbowfish lives at the centre of the Vogelkop Peninsula in Western New Guinea (Irian Jaya). The species was collected in 1955 by Dr M. Boeseman, former Curator of Fishes of the Rijksmuseum in Leiden. He collected the fish from the Ayamaru Lakes region, which constitutes the headwaters of the Ayamaru River. The species has not been seen since 1955. Allen and Bleher visited Lake Ayamaru in 1982, but failed to locate any specimens.

The Ayamaru Lake is located 55 meters (180 feet) above sea level and is surrounded by low hills. This lake has an estimated depth of no more than 10 meters (33 feet), is situated in a swampy basin and has a thriving plant life. The water is rather clear and very alkaline; the pH-value can exceed 8.0.

The Ayamaru Rainbowfish is listed as “Data deficient” in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Keeping Honey Rainbowfish in aquariums
Ayamaru Rainbowfish has not been kept in aquariums. If you somehow manage to get your hands on an Ayamaru Rainbowfish and wants to keep it in an aquarium, try to mimic Lake Ayamaru as closely as possible. Keep the water clear and really alkaline (the alkalinity can exceed pH 8.0 in Lake Ayamaru). Include a lot of densely grown aquatic plants in the setup and create a lot of suitable hiding spots in the aquarium.  

Breeding Honey Rainbowfish
Ayamaru Rainbowfish has not been bred in aquariums.

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