Cat tape worm

Cat tape worm

By: Johan

Although a cat is much less prominent when it comes to getting parasitical infestations than for example a dog, the cat tape worm might very well be the one that succeeds. Most cats will get cat tape worm sometime during their life and it is important not to freak out as it can scare the cat. A cat tape worm infestation is not dangerous if treated right and there are cheap medications out there for your feline friend. Do not try any home treatment, take the advice of a veterinarian and follow it. They are the professionals when it comes to cats, your neighbours stepmother is not.

Cat tape worm - What is it?
The cat tape worm is a flat parasitic worm that infests your cat via accidentally swallowed fleas. The fleas carry the cat tape worm inside of them and, when swallowed, they will attach themselves to the inside of the cats intestine, feeding on whatever you feed your cat. Once secured the cat tape worm will grow and grow and grow while releasing egg sacks and segments of itself. These will follow the faeces out and once outside the eggs will be eaten by flea larvae. The larvae then transform into a flea and the circle is complete, another mammal can be infected.

Cat tape worm - Seeing the signs
As the cat tape worm steals more and more of the cats nutrition, you will experience the cat having an increasing lack of energy. The cat will suffer from diarrhea and its hair coat will become poor in health. The egg sacks and segments from the cat tape worm will follow the faeces to the rectum causing extreme anal irritation. This might make your cat drag its anus across the floor although that behaviour is not that common. The egg sacks and segments will later be found in the cats stool, kind of resembling grains of rice and bits of light tape. The egg sacks of the cat tape worm might also be seen falling out of the cats anus. These are obvious signs of cat tape worm and should be taken seriously. Its most probably not dangerous but why should you let your cat suffer unnecessarily.

Cat tape worm - Curing it
The cat tape worm can not be treated at home so do not even try. Anyone else that thinks differently and claims that they know a house cure are either liars or ignorant morons. A house cure will not get rid of the cat tape worm and might even harm your feline friend. Go to the veterinarian instead and they will give you real medicine and real solid tips. The medicine is an antiparisitic and will dissolve the cat tape worm so it can be flushed out with the faeces. Additional treatments might be needed as the cat tape worm is quite hardy. You might also be needed to force your cat to take the medicine since they are much more difficult to fool than a dog. Be strict with your cat from the beginning so it learns fast that there is no idea to fight, the cat might not like you but believe me, it will be thanking you later.

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