Cat ring worm

Cat ring worm

By: Johan

The name of this disease makes it very easy to mistake for on of those endless infestations that are caused by parasitic wormlike creature. Make no mistake, the cat ring worm is not a parasite in the cats intestines, actually it is not a worm at all. The cat ring worm is a fungus infection that affects the skin and cats usually gets it from infected rodents, spores in the nature or a family member. Yes, the cat ring worm is very contagious and can be transmitted between species. Luckily it is not very dangerous.

Cat ring worm - What is it?
This fungus infection is caused by wet fur and lack of sophisticated hygiene. The cat ring worm, also known as Microsporum canis, is just one form of many other fungi that gives more or less the same symptoms. It is just much more common than any of the other. As soon as the cat ring worm has established itself it will start producing spores to spread the disease and as the cat ring worm actually can spread to humans it is crucial that you, as a cat owner, see to it that the disease does not spread.

Cat ring worm - Signs on a cat
The cat ring worms appearance on an infected cat can vary very much. While some cats won’t show any sign of infection, others will get a severe reaction. The cat might typically experience blotches on its head, ears and paws. These blotches, which are caused by cat ring worm, might seem like scaly and inflamed skin that has lost most of its hair. The blotches will then start to grow slowly and as it progresses the middle of the blotch will start to heal, hair will return. That is the signature of the cat ring worm that is also from where it has gotten its name. Although itchiness might occur it is actually quite uncommon and your pet might probably not even know that it carries a disease.

Cat ring worm - Keep Fluffy out
As mentioned, the cat ring worm is an extremely contagious disease, it can not be stressed enough. If you have more animals or even children you should be extremely careful about how you handle the situation with the cat ring worm. The cat should certainly not be petted and the best thing would probably be not letting the cat into the house. If you are soft and can’t let your cat sleep under the open sky, at least see to it that the cat gets its own room. The hairs dropped due to the cat ring worm is packed with spores and as already said, it is contagious. Its not only for your sake this is so important, it is for the wellbeing of your work colleagues, classmates and everyone you else you might come in contact with while infected.

Cat ring worm - Sign on a human
The cat ring worm might appear a little different on humans. Looking like raised red blotches which are a little lighter in the middle, the cat ring worm will cause loss of hair in the affected area. Although a rare symptom on cats, humans can experience an extreme itchiness because of the cat ring worm. But as you have already guessed you can not scratch it, it is contagious remember?

Cat ring worm - Treatment
There are lots of antifungal creams out there but you are looking for one containing miconazole and clotrimazole. Although you might find something similar at a pharmacy it is still better to visit a veterinarian. They will have products especially suited for treating feline friends.

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