Cat flea treatment

Cat flea treatment

By: Johan

Most probably your cat will sometime during its life drag home fleas to your house. Flea collar does help but seriously, how often does your cat wear a flea collar? Luckily a cat flea infestation is not seriously dangerous if dealt with swiftly. Although these parasitical wingless insects are known to spread diseases your cat is not in much danger since it is immune to many of them. The cat flea instead manifests itself through an itchy rash due to the flea bites. Most animals, including your cat, are allergic to the fleas saliva and it is therefore there is a rash. Now cat flea treatments come in plenty but it is still necessary to know something about the different ones. Keep reading to learn more about cat flea treatment.

Cat flea treatment – Brush away
Although there are many other treatments out there, the most natural cat flea treatment can also be the easiest. Just use a flea comb and brush the cat fleas away, maybe even cut the cats hair down a bit so it is easier to comb. There are many different flea combs and brushes to buy and although it could be a tremendous job getting your cat to be still, it can be worth it at the end. You have treated your cat from cat fleas without using any chemical cat flea treatment at all.

Cat flea treatment – Blood tastes funny
If you ask your veterinarian will tell you that there are oral medications that your cat can take to get rid of the fleas. That might seem like an odd cat flea treatment but the thing is that these pills, or liquids, make the cats blood to taste funny. The fleas will refuse to feed and will move along or simply starve. This is not the best cat flea treatment though since it can have side effects on your cat and the cat fleas actually survive the treatment to come back another day.

Cat flea treatment – Lather that kitty up
Good cat flea shampoo can be bought more or less anywhere, even on the web, and works really well against non-resistant cat fleas. It is the easiest and the most effective cat flea treatment and it is probably therefore it is so commonly used. Just do not overuse it so the fleas might build up a resistanse to the active agents in this cat flea treatment. Common components in cat flea shampoo are like DEET, neem oil and pyrethrin. Most producers of this cat flea treatment are trying to perfect the cat flea shampoo so it is organic, effective and at the same time spares your cat all the side effects that some chemicals might have. A good thing because most cat owners would pay any price just so they will not hurt their feline friend.

Cat flea treatment – Once treated
Once your cat has been through the cat flea treatment you should see to it that it does not happen again. Buy a flea collar and make your cat wear it until you safely can say that the threat is over. The flea collar can even help with your cat flea treatment of your house as the collar kills adult fleas and your cat more or less move around anywhere in your home. You could not ask for a more automatic cat flea treatment.

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