Cat flea control

Cat flea control

By: Johan

Cat fleas are a common problem among cat owners as cats are allowed to roam freely in and out of the house, and it is therefore important for cat owners to know a little about cat flea control. The parasite known as cat flea, that actually is a wingless insect, forms colonies upon its hosts where they feed on the hosts blood, mate and lay eggs. The eggs will fall off the host so that new fleas can colonize new hosts and so on. As cats move around in your house you can imagine how widely these eggs can spread and how a whole house in an instant can be commandeered by cat fleas. Therefore just treating your cat will not be enough, your whole home need to be treated in order to achieve total cat flea control.

Cat flea control – Calling a professional
The best way to get rid of those pesky cat fleas is just to call an exterminator. Yes it might cost a fortune with a cat flea control but it is totally worth it. An exterminator is a professional and he will know what needs to be done and where to do it. If you pay enough attention to what he is doing and ask frequently you might learn something and can take care of the cat flea control by yourself the next time, before it gets totally out of hand.

Cat flea control – Clean and tidy
Just to keep your home clean can help to get rid a good part of cat flea control. Washing cloth that your cat has come in contact with regulary, dusting and removing organic debris so the cat flea larvae has nothing to feed on is also an effective method. Even a good sweeping with the vacuum cleaner can help but do remember to put a mothball inside the vacuum cleaner so it doesn’t become a bastion of cat fleas. Your cat flea control can easily go out of control if that happens.

Cat flea control – Bombs away
There are lots of flea products you can buy at your local store. Sprays, bombs, you name it. All of which can be used to create havoc for the cat fleas, now that is cat flea control. Buy all you can find and just go nuts, spraying every little crack where there could be eggs or larvae. Place so called bombs where you see fit and then spray some more, it is a very aggressive form of cat flea control. Just see to it that you have lots and lots of ventilation since most of the products is harmful to inhale. You also do not want your cat nearby when you do this.

Cat flea control – Freeze scumbag
No cat flea, adult, larva or egg can sustain in cold weather and that is something you can use to your advantage. Put all cloths that your cat regularly gets in contact with into the freezer before you wash them. It will make cat flea control much easier.

Cat flea control – A necklace for Fluffy
Make your cat wear a flea collar, not only will it keep your cat safe but hinder the cat fleas from further colonization. With your cat moving around as much as it does it might even kill some off in the process, like automatic cat flea control. Just see to it that the flea collar does not get to old. The cat flea collar can be kept on even when there is no need for cat flea control, but that is all up to you.

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