Clown Pleco - Panaque maccus Panaque maccus
Clown Pleco


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Clown Pleco - Panaque maccus

Species name: Panaque maccus

Synonym: Panaque maccus

Common name: Clown Pleco

Family: Loricariidae

Order: Siluriformes

Class: Actinopterygii

Maximum size: 8 cm / 5 inches

Environment: freshwater

Origin: Orinoco Basin (Venezuela), Rio Las Marinas (Venezuela) and Colombian Llanos. Variants of the species have also been found in Amazon Basin of Brazil.

Temperament: Aggressive

Company: Panaque maccus (Clown Pleco) can be kept in a community aquarium as long as enough hiding places are provided.

Water parameters: Temperature 20-22ºC / 70-72ºF; pH 6.0 – 7.0

Aquarium setup: Clown Plecos require large aquariums where each specimen can form their own territory. The aquarium should be decorated so that a lot of hiding places are created among roots and rocks. Plants can be used to create more hiding places. Panaque maccus (Clown Pleco) are territorial and each fish will claim a territory around their favourite cave. This species should always be provided with roots which fills a important function in their diet.

Feeding: Clown Plecos prefer vegetables but will accept other sinking foods as a complement to their vegetable diet.

Breeding: Unknown. The sexes are virtually impossible to distinguish.

Panaque maccus - Clown Pleco picture
Picture of Clown Pleco - Panaque maccus. Copyright

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Clown Pleco - Panaque maccus