Blue Bird House

Blue Bird House

The Blue bird population has suffered a lot from habitat loss and the Blue birds are also forced to compete for suitable nesting sites with non-native bird species introduced by man. You can help the Blue birds in your area by building a Blue bird house in which a Blue bird couple can nest.

The ideal building material for a Blue bird house is clean, solid wood. Avoid painted wood and wood thinner than 5/8 inches. Older wood with a somewhat rough surface is great. Commonly used wood types include pine, fir, cedar and redwood. The wood must be free from protruding nails and spikes. It might look cute to add a small perch to the exterior of the Blue bird house, but this is not a good idea. The Blue birds will not need it, and it may be used by predators to gain easy access to the nest. As mentioned above, the wood used for the Blue bird house should preferably bee a bit rough. If the wood is too smooth, the Blue birds might find it difficult to climb out of the Blue bird house.

The exact dimensions of the Blue bird house are not really important as long as the house is of reasonably appropriate size for a Blue bird couple. The entrance hole should be around 1 ½ to 1 5/8 inches in diameter. The centre of the hole should be located approximately 7 inches from the bottom of the Blue bird house. With a 8" x 9.5" roof, the floor should be 5" x 5". The corners of the floor should be rounded to allow for ventilation, but the openings must be kept really small to prevent mice and snakes from entering. The roof should tilt, and the back side of the Blue bird house should therefore be 10 ¾ inches in height while the front side is no more than 9 ¾ inches.

It is important to select a suitable location for your Blue bird house. Ideally try to find out if there is a prevailing wind in your area and place the Blue bird house facing away from the wind. A good Blue bird house location will have no thick vegetation near the house and if you place the Blue bird house in a tree the canopy should not be located close to the house, unless the canopy is very open.

Blue birds are known to sometimes return to the same Blue bird house for several years in a row. After several years of nesting, parasites can however become a problem in the Blue bird house and cause the birds to avoid it. Blood parasites and bacterial enteritis are two known problems for the Blue bird. If your Blue bird house suddenly becomes uninhabited one year, it is therefore a good idea to clean it out and try to get rid of any parasites. Use a whisk broom, dry cloth or similar but avoid potentially poisonous detergents. You can create a Blue bird house with a retractable floor to make the house easier to clean out.   

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