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11-05-2012, 01:05 AM
Hey this is going to be somewhat of a long post, but Im looking to setup a very large community aquarium. Alot of the plants and fish I have selected are new to me, I do not have a history with them. I did as much research as I could, but now its time to see if my 'tank idea' will work. Please give me lots of advice and feedback. Heres my details:
100 Gallon Planted Community Tank
2x Filters
1 Heater
Lid & Hood with florescent light

Substrate: Fine Gravel mixed evenly with the same amount of sand

Live Plants: Amazon Sword Plant (2), Anubias Plants (2), Cardinal Plant (1), Hornwort Plant (2), Water Sprite (1), Java Moss (1), Java Fern (1), Moneywort Plant (2), Water Wisteria Plant (1), Frill Plant (1), Green & White Acorus Plant (2), Corkscrew Vallisheria Plant (1)

Main Pieces Of Decor: 2 x Large Driftwood, Large Rock Formation

Caves: Med. Sized T-Rex Skull Cave, Large Artificial Rock Cave, Med. Sized Coloured Glass Vause cave & Small Flowerpot Cave.

Here Are The Fishies I Want To Put In My Tank:
Cherry Shrimp (4), Freshwater Clams (2), Red Tailed Black Shark (1), Bristle Nose Pleco (1), Corydora Catfish (6), Kuhli Loach (2), Tinfoil Barb (4), Rosy Barb (4), Tiger Barb (3), Green Tiger Barb (3), Black Skirt Tetra (5), Harlequin Rasbora (8); Zebra Danio (8).
..... Input?? Will This Work??