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07-18-2012, 05:53 AM
I am not connected in any way to monsterfishkeepers in any way. I just feel that fellow fish keepers should sign this petition to keep fellow fish forums protected and to support are hobby.

To some it up in a short way, Monster Energy drink is suing Monsterfishkeepers for copy right infringement. They are asking ridiculous demands and if these demands are not met they could shut down the site.

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Please sign the petition to help fellow hobbyist out, this has nothing to do with competition of the other fish forum, or if you like the forum. It is to keep people just like us on a site that they like. Like said before, I don't post over there, or close to anyone on the forum. Nor should this thread discuss if it is right or wrong, if you agree then sign, if not move along and dont sign.


07-19-2012, 02:22 AM
Update: This gives a good overview of the things leading up to the situation as it is now. cease and desist letter warnings etc

Note that what I write below is not an endorsement of the lawsuit nor the behavior by Monster Energy drinks. It is my analysis of the case as an juris doctor and LLM (Master of Laws) based on the limited information I have access to.

I am sorry to say it but Monster have a case and it is not just a frivolous lawsuit or someone pushing the little guy around, The problem is the logo. Monsterfishkeepers logo looks a lot like the monster energy drinks logo (enough so for me to reflect on it in the past.) . The energy drink started 2002 while the forum started 2005. If they had another logo I do not think there would be any troubles at this time. The suit does off course talk about the word monster, M and so on but this is mainly for the lawyers to press the overall brand similarity and to maximize the chances that something wins them the case. The important part is the logo. Monster energy drinks will have a chance of winning this if it goes to trial.

That being said. My condolences goes out to Neoprodigy as I know that he has nothing but the best for the community at heart and it is sad when something like this ends up as a law suit.

AC takes no sides in this conflict and hopes that it will be resolved quickly in a way that works well for everybody involved.

I will leave it up to each and every one to decide what they think and whether they want to join the boycott of the Company and will leave the original post online. I will however keep the thread closed for commenting as I do not want to see slander against either party posted on the AC forums.