View Full Version : User Names and IP Tracking

Lady Hobbs
05-31-2011, 01:50 AM
Each member here is allowed one User Name. User Names can only be changed by the administration upon member request. So pick your User Name with plans you will be having it for a long time. Those who sign up under a User Name not approperiate for family forums will simply be banned immediately.

If you wish to have a friend join AC, please have them sign up on their own computer rather than signing up on yours. This forum has IP tracking that protects you, our membership, from having to deal with the same problem people who like to return under new names but have not changed their behavior. If more than one person uses your computer, Mods will get a warning message that your IP is being shared and you will then be asked which account you would like deleted.

This does not apply to family members who share computers but please do not ask several family members to sign up here unless they intend to actually post and be part of the forum. This, too, will save the Moderators from constantly PMing members to find out who all these people are.

This is not meant to inhibit new members from joining but to keep the membership we currently have more secure.

If you are banned........
people who are currently banned and attempt to re-enter under a new User Name will have 30 days added to their ban one time only. If they register again, the second attempt is a permanent ban. Banned means banned so do not turn a 30 day ban into a permanent ban by continuing to return under new names.

Thanks......The Mod Team