View Full Version : How To: Get Awards and Medals

Lady Hobbs
06-21-2007, 01:31 PM
Please read the thread "AWARDS/MEDALS" and you will see the different awards and medals you can receive here. These are the little icons you see in the box next to a memberís avatar.

These awards are for participation in the forum. The more you do here the more awards you will get.

Check "AWARDS/MEDALS" occassionly to see if you qualify for an award. Next to many of these awards you will see a "REQUEST" button. When you qualify for that award, click on the request and you will get your award as soon as the Administrator has time to hand them out. Generally his schedule permits this on Sundays. Make sure you make your request one time only to save confusion.

There are many awards/medals to encourage you to be active on the forum. Posting and answering question increases post counts which gives you awards. Winning photo contests, writing articles, etc, gets you even more awards.

(You can no longer gain post counts by playing games or rating gallery photos. Post counts must be earned by your participation in the forum.) You still get posts added for entering photos in the gallery, however.