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03-01-2010, 09:20 PM
Alright, I've never been a fan of Arowanas. Always looked kinda creepy to me.
But today I saw my first one in real life, up close, just a baby, but still.

So cute, kinda dis-proportioned still. Maybe 5-6 inches long. Just, wow. Was awesome. :lol:

I think that one baby Aro has changed my opinion of them. :hmm3grin2orange:

Something else to add to the dream fish list. Sigh. :lol: :evil:

03-01-2010, 09:50 PM
They are beautiful fish--I never was convinced until I saw some at my LFS! But their tank requirements are too big for me right now, if ever.

03-01-2010, 09:51 PM
True for me as well. And really, I'd still prefer the dream of a solitary Hemibagrus catfish first. Or a school of Lima Shovelnoses. Haven't decided yet. lol. In any case, I am a catfish girl, through and through. =P

03-01-2010, 10:23 PM
Yup...I like catfish too...too bad you can't them all in one tank...

03-01-2010, 10:27 PM
One of my dream tanks is one of just black ghosts.

Not sure I'll ever realize that one, :shappy:

Arowanas are interesting. I also saw a small little baby at a fish store the other day. He stopped to stare at me. Cute, but still a creepy fish :hmm3grin2orange:

03-02-2010, 12:19 AM
I WILL have an aro again someday! :hmm3grin2orange: I love arowanas, but I have no room for one right now...

03-02-2010, 12:41 AM
There is nothing like watching an arowana in your living room everyday. So graceful, yet so MONSTER! My favorite fish ever. :fish: I have many pics/vids of mine around the forum.

03-02-2010, 12:45 AM
They are incredible fish!
One store I go to has a beautiful 2ft aro and two smaller in an 8x4ft tank.There is also a few rays in with them.Its a great tank to view as you enter the store!thumbs2:

03-02-2010, 12:48 AM
They truely are wonderful. And don't get me started on all the different colorations in Asian arowana. I would like to have an adult super red one day.

03-02-2010, 02:44 AM
One of the aquarium stores that I go to has a large (maybe 2 1/2 foot long) Arowana and i have to say they are creepy looking. my dream tank would be 3 or 4 Pacus. Great fish, I was able to hand feed mine. RIP

03-02-2010, 03:35 AM
http://www.exotic-aquarium.com/index2.html This place has some big display tanks and one of them has a huge arowana in it.thumbs2: