View Full Version : Personal anecdotes of success with Tiger Barbs in communities

12-06-2009, 09:42 PM
We had a tank with Tiger Barbs and something went very wrong. During a green water algae bloom caused by sunlight, five of the six died in a day. I have not been able to figure out the cause. All equipment was running; the water levels read fine. I moved the survivor to the hospital tank with the intentions of healing him and gifting him to the lfs as I had no intentions of building the school up. In fact, I took the opportunity to re-arrange my stocking and was able to take down a 10g tank completely.

However, when the Tiger Barb was in the hospital tank and obviously recovering, we had a bunch of platy babies. My pregnant girlfriend very much wanted to keep them. I tried to say no, but I relented and let her move the Tiger Barb to the main tank and put the platy fry in the hospital tank with the catch that should it show aggression that it is going back and will eat the fry.

For the past week the Tiger Barb has sat in the 75g with the following stocking.

1 young Sailfin Pleco
5 Peppered Cories
2 Dwarf Gouramis
12 Neon Tetras
6 X-ray Tetras
3 Emperor Tetras (can't find more to finish the school)
1 male Swordtail
1 Guppy fry/juvenile that is developing into a fancy
2 Red Platies (plus three fry in waiting in the hospital tank)
5 Misc Mollies
4 Blue Eye Australian Rainbowfish

He has shown no aggression whatsoever and he's almost healed up completely from whatever happened. He's about ready to be re-homed. However, when I brought this up to the pregnant, hormonal girlfriend, she said... She wanted to keep it.

Under no circumstances am I going to keep a Tiger Barb school of one. Yet, her word is law these days (this kid can't come soon enough). I've read that a Tiger Barb school of at least eight won't bother other fish. Potential overstocking issues aside (I have unused tanks and flexibility), who has had personal experience with a big Tiger Barb school in a community set up? She wants them specifically in the main tank!

12-06-2009, 09:50 PM
Yet another arbitrary number IME.I started with a school of 6 tigers with 6 skirts,6 red eyes amd 6 serpae in a 20 gal many years ago.I grew tired of that tank and by the time I moved the remaining fish to my 58 there was 75% of all remaining but the tigers of which there was 3.There is now 2 and they are 5 yrs old and are in a tank with many other fish they "shouldnt" be with.Up until last week they shared a tank with a big angelfish [no problems].The pair exhibit no aggressiveness at all.This could be because it is such a heavily planted tank.Realistically the more the merrier with tigers and they can be aggressive depending largely on the type tank and what territorial lines can be observed.I see no reason you could not add 6-7 more in the bigger tank,They are not pirhana,nor do they go on wild attacking sprees.

Lady Hobbs
12-06-2009, 10:02 PM
Your algae bloom most likely caused a drop in oxygen levels. That would be my guess.

12-07-2009, 02:17 AM
i was always under the impression with most barbs that if you have one or two and larger quanties of other fish they wouldnt bother the other fish.

Now that being said when i got my first tank, The lfs sold me 3 green barbs and one moonlight groumi. witch didnt last an hour. The barbs kept on terrrizing him and riped his feelers off. I took them all back and got my money back. I never bothered to get barbs again.

12-10-2009, 08:57 PM
i think it comes down to the fish. Perhaps your remaining tiger is "mellow" or "submissive". Maybe it's a female(they tend to be more laid back) Were an "alpha" tiger it might be more pestering. Or, maybe the tank is just so darn large(cool setup BTW) that it doesn't care. I'd get some more too, esp if "she who must be obeyed" wants them. Get young ones from tanks that have lots of stock so they are "socialized". I think you will have the best luck with young fish.

gl and congrats on the baby!