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10-11-2009, 03:22 AM
I was a regular visitor several months ago, but had to leave to work out of town weekly as work is non-existent in my county.

I really wanted to start an aquarium, but being away from home for a week at a time meant that my wife would have to care for the tank and that is something way beyond her capabilities, atleast until I can show her on a daily basis how to properly check everything and clean and feed.

I have now returned to the forum as i have a new project!

I am an apprentice wireman in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and take college courses as a requirement of completing my training.

I will have to complete 5 years of school before I become a certified Journeyman Electrician. I am now starting the second semester of the second year.

This semester is all about motor controls. This means creating a system that controls different functions by using a control station such as you would find in an industrial situation. Our final is to create a system that has at least 3 functions.

I think I will try to create an automatically controlled aquarium type system to include filter and powerhead pump as well as lighting, all controlled by timers as well as a manual station.

I would appreciate any ideas as to what could be done, such as:

- Float control of water level in tank
- Timed operation of powerhead to create water effect such as waterfall or currents of a river
- Timed operation of powerhead to create simulated rainfall in conjunction with LED lighting to simulate lightning
- Timed operation of flourescent lights to operate during day and sequentially turn off and on to simulate sunrise and sunset and transfer to LED moonlights and air-rock
- Battery back up of vital filter system and timing equipment in case of loss of power

The sky is the limit as far as ideas are concerned. I will have to decide what is feasible and what will cost to much and all of this will need to be completed by mid December when the semester concludes.

It feels good to be back! I look forward seeing all of you again and who knows! This just might lead to me being able to acquire most of the parts needed to build my own aquarium and creating a fairly self sufficient system that requires very little maintenance for my wife! :hmm3grin2orange: