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03-27-2006, 08:11 AM
Sometime ago I had Koi and before having koi I was reading some literature on Koi and how to deal with that kind of fish. What I found interesting, is that is recommended to have 10 gallons + for each Koi and it should be very good filtration. So my tank was 40 gallons and I got four small Koi. My filter for 40 gallons was some Big Wisper, which is like 200-300 gallon per hour (but I think it would be better to have two filters like that) and I had two air pumps. All my Koi lived good, get bigger and after some time, I donated them to botanical garden. They had very long Koi pond there. I am sure my koi are happy there.
Now I am thinking about Clown loaches and other loaches. I am reading forum and I see someone was very sad that Clown loach died. At the same time that tank is only 29 gallons.
Since Loaches are from the same carp family, I would think the care should be very similar to Koi care. The only difference, the water should be warmer. Koi can get a little bigger. But it is a good formula: 10 gallons + for one fish. Clown coach is from tropical country with a lot of tropical rains and higher rain water proportions then Koi native places. So filtration should be somewhere higher or adding some distilled water would help.
I hope it is helpfull.

03-27-2006, 08:07 PM
your not totally wrong in the conclusions you reach but you can't compare the care of the species so simple as loach for example require different food than koi carps.