View Full Version : Help Identify This Fish

02-27-2006, 11:44 PM
Lacking a camera that will photograph this fish, I must resort to description.
It has a blunt, rounded head, with the mouth in the middle of its face. It has remarkable light blue eyes with small black pupils. It is a uniform light blue/grey with a few black spots on its body. At about two inches long, the body appears pretty powerful. Reminds me of a chunkier paradise fish in that sense. They were jumping out of thewater while in the bag coming home. There is a spike on its back, with a rectangular dorsal fin separate from it. The dorsal fin slants toward the tail. The dorsal does not attach to the back as much as in the rainbow fish species recently discovered. The tail is rounded, much like that of a female betta. The underbelly features a fin much like the dorsal, rectangular with it sloping toward the tail.
I picked up a few the only time I saw them at the local store. All the rest went downhill fast within a week of arriving at the store. The ones I am keeping in a Crisster Keeper as quarantine are doing pretty well as I change the water every couple of days. They are at about 70-72F with a 7.0 Ph. I have a couple in a 37 gallon Eclipse that has had danios and guppies doing well in it for a few weeks. The tank is about 74F and 7.0.These new fish are okay for a day or two but now have clamped fins and are swimming poorly. I have seen them take flake food.
No one I can find can ID these guys. Theory is they might be dwarf cichlids. They appeasr non-aggressive.
It has been a couple of weeks and I would really like to know how to care for these fish. Even novice fish keepers comment on how reflective their eyes can be.