View Full Version : getting new shrimp/found cool web sites for shrimp

04-24-2009, 04:06 PM
I have Red cherry shrimp now. I wanted to get another color to start a new tank up of just a different type. I wanted to get Cyrstal Black shrimp but changed my mind as the care is harder. I found this cool web site:

I bought some Yellow shrimp on Aqua-bid. I can't wait to get them next week. The care of the Yellow is easy and is the same as the Red cherry shrimp, the Tiger shrimp has the same care also.They look like the one on this web site Under Yellow shrimp on the left hand side of the chart under (SHRIMP SPECIES). This web site has alot of shrimp information:

Aqua-bid.com :fish: is like E-bay but only fish. I bid on the $1 auction and was the high bidder for the intense yellow shrimp. I will get 10 for $14 and pay $10 to ship it. This site has alot of good deals on shrimp better then the local fish stores. You get the best deal on the $ auctions.

I also found a cool web site on shrimp compatibility: