View Full Version : how do i delete a photo?

04-02-2009, 04:56 PM
i was trying to figure out the photo gallery. i had a couple issues. i created an album and uploaded 2 images. when i try to add a third image im told it was uploaded successfully, but when i go to my photos the album only has 2 photos in it. how do i get the third pic to upload? :scry:
also, i accidentally load one photo not into the album (just by itself) and cannot figure out how to delete it. where can i manage my photos that are not in an album? :help:

Lady Hobbs
04-02-2009, 04:57 PM
Click on the photo to bring it up larger. Under the photo it says Edit. Click on that and then delete.

04-02-2009, 05:00 PM
Click on the photo to bring it up larger. Under the photo it says Edit. Click on that and then delete.

i dont have an edit button...

Wild Turkey
04-02-2009, 05:06 PM
Will never fixed that? o.0 I thought this came up around a month ago and was all resolved?

04-03-2009, 02:58 PM
Perhaps I unfixed it again LOL
Will look at it when I get to my new home.

Lady Hobbs
04-03-2009, 03:04 PM
The delete feature is working fine, William.

Wild Turkey
04-03-2009, 03:34 PM
The delete feature is working fine, William.

Negative, members dont have an edit button, just checked.

That was the issue before i think, mods can edit and delete but members cannot.

Sorry will didnt mean to seem like i was getting on ur case! LOL just confuzzled

Lady Hobbs
04-03-2009, 04:13 PM
It's OK. I've gotten used to it.

I'd knew you'd be right there the second I posted. LOL

Didn't realize the feature only worked for staff.

11-14-2009, 02:45 PM
Has this been fixed yet? I can't see any edit or delete button either...I can delete an entire album, but not an individual photo...

Lady Hobbs
11-14-2009, 02:47 PM
If you want something deleted, post a mod and one will delete for you. You need to explain the pic you want gone, tho.

11-14-2009, 02:55 PM
ok, thanks, how do I post a a mod? Its the only photo not in an album...
do you mean pm?

Lady Hobbs
11-14-2009, 03:02 PM
Just so happens you have ones attention. I will delete now.

I see 20 photos. You had two of the same betta so I deleted one but you need to tell me what ones you want gone.

OOPS.......29 of them.

One more edit. lol I found the one not in an album (I hope) and it's now gone.

11-14-2009, 03:09 PM
that was the one - thanks muchly

Lady Hobbs
11-14-2009, 03:14 PM
You're welcome.

This feature really needs to be repaired so others can delete and edit at will.

11-14-2009, 03:20 PM
yes, that would be nice. I like to keep my stuff organised, but it feels a little petty to bother someone to do your housekeeping for you if you happen to make a mistake.
Off to do some fish and house keeping - thanks again!