View Full Version : Adding new shrimp

02-18-2009, 02:50 PM
My other 2 shrimp have died in the staging tank where the levels of everything were fine. The levels in the main tank are fine, it has cleared up. The local Petco has them and should be getting a truck today or Fri with new shrimp, if i put them in a livebearer refuge until they are large enough to not get eaten and all levels of nitrite, nitrate, ph ammonia are fine should they be ok? I do have well water, we did have copper pipe but since switched to plastic PVC because of hard water issues and making pinholes in the copper. I have about a 10 foot section of copper pipe left in the water system and thats about it. I want to make sure these shrimp last as I have a powerful potent snowstorm on the makin for this weekend and i dont want to be driving to petco with dead shrimp in it.