View Full Version : Novice Seeking some advice!

01-26-2009, 04:55 PM
I have a new 28G, that I want to try a few customizations, for lack of a better word.
Filter: Redundant: Eheim ProII 2028 and Sponge Filter
Substrate: Sand
Light: Super Nova Extreme
Planted: Yes, moderate
Fish: None Yet
Experience: Novice (<6months)

Iíve seen many tanks that have many visible objects in them . Iím trying to minimize this while improving quality. Iím Anal about warer quality and objects in tanks (not decorations). The goal is to add an additional reservoir to it. Iím considering (because of space) placing an 9 Gallon custom made container under the cabinet, beside the filter. Why this size? Itís the available space under the stand (15x12x12) right beside the filter. I donít like the look of the heater or too many things in my other aquariums. My goal is to have the water pumped/siphoned to the reservoir, and then the filter will remove the water with its intake hose, which will have a pre-filter attached, filter it and pump into the tank. I just need to have the water removed at the same rate as the filter is pumping. I have my own wood shop, and have been practicing bending my own clear PVC with very good success. So the pipes will barely be seen as well. I need suggestions on accomplishing this.