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10-08-2008, 04:14 PM
of a ten gallon tank. I have two ten gallon tanks that each have one side which is cracked. how would a person go about replacing one side or would it be cheaper at $12 each local to simply buy new ones assuming that I decide to use them.
TIA Jennifer

10-08-2008, 04:16 PM
I would buy a new 10 gallon, I've seen the tank only for $10 at walmart. That way you don't risk it leaking

10-08-2008, 04:47 PM
What you need is 100% rubber silicone ,A raxer blade ,making tape and a lot of patience.

All you have to do is clean the tank out and dry it.
Take a razer blade and cut through the old silicone.You may as well take the tank completely apart and rebuild it!New silicone does not stick well to old silicone. It will be like a brand new tank.
If not just cut out the cracked piece.
Make sure there is none of the old silicone left .clean the glass again making sure all debris is removed.
Now take some masking tape and run it down the edges of where you are going to run a bead of silicone.The tape when pealed will assure you have straight edges.
Cut the silicone tube so your bead will run out at a 1/4 "-5/16th.
Run your bead along the edge of the glass. Apply the glass slowly and straight in to position and press all seams together.
Run another bead all the way around the inside and smooth out.
Clean excess siliclone and peel the tape off at an angle away from the bead.
Use more masking tape to hold all your seems.Make sure you pull it tight before smoothing out.
It says dry in 24hrs. but wait 2-3 full days to dry!
Once all is cured properly fill and let sit for couple of days to be sure there are no leaks.

This is how one would go about building or repairing a tank,but for a 10 gallon it is easier to just replace it.Unless you like to do stuff yourself and enjoy the sense of accomplishment

10-08-2008, 10:30 PM
buy a new one, alot less trouble. you could sell your current one as reptile only