View Full Version : Fielding the options - Barbs/Danios for a 55

09-03-2008, 10:09 AM
I'm rehoming my loaches and balas and so I'm in need of something to fill the gap that the Balas have left. I generally like the elongate form of many of the cyprinid fishes and figured certain Barbs or Danios might fit the bill.

Topping the list, though I'm sure too large ultimately for a 55, is the Red Line Torpedo Barb, which also happens to be the most expensive of the barbs as well. I haven't been able to dig up too much on them, one of the LFSs here sells them for $20/ea. and has seven or eight of them in one of their 250gal display planted biotope tanks. Which I must say is a spectacular sight to see them all swimming together in the current the massive power heads produce in that tank.

While I realize that these Torpedo Barbs are ultimately going to be too large for a 55. I'm curious if there's anything out there with the same general body form and even coloring of the caudal fin (i.e. spots or tip colors) and body. I've poured over countless images and profiles on the net and even came up with a list of likely candidates (which is quite long) and thought I'd toss this out to the fish keeping public at large to see what they feel would be best housed in such a tank since minimum tank size only tells me what the fish need when young, it doesn't give a realistic value to what they will ultimately need and how many can be supported in a given tank size (since apparently I'm bad at estimating bioload in an aquarium). About the only requirements these fish have is that they should grow (ultimately) to 2.25" or more, appreciate a good current in the aquarium, and generally have a torpedo-like shaped body similar to the RLTB or the various "shark" minnows out there.

If I'm being too lazy, let me know and I'll toss out the ideas I had myself for public critique and ridicule.:4: