View Full Version : Conditioning Temps?

08-18-2008, 02:29 AM
I have separated my female Moss Barb for conditioning. I am hoping to spawn her in two weeks. She and the male just spawned, but it was unsuccessful. The one or two eggs I did find were not fertile. The female is that healthy, so have moved her into her own tank and started her on a better diet. I just got the barbs a month ago and they had a hard adjustment due to 5 larger tiger barbs picking on them. The temp in the tank is 74F unheated. I don't have a heater for the tank, because it is less then ten gallons. I have put a 40w bulb over the tank, but it can't stay on at night and has only raised the tank 1 degree. I have reads that barbs can tolerate 68-78F, but what is best for getting her ready to spawn?

Secondly, if I breed 2 Moss Barbs (green tiger barbs) will I still get some regular tiger barb fry? I am assuming that the green gene is recessive like the albino gene.