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07-08-2008, 12:22 AM
Okay, my cousin just happens to be getting married in a town with an excellent fish store. Problem #1 it's 2 hours away (one way). Problem #2 the fish store closes at 7 and the wedding starts at 6, so I would have to go before the wedding. Problem #3 this is the hottest month in the year in Oklahoma. Now I've been reading about shipping fish because this type of packaging would seem like the way to go.
So here is what I have. One fish to a bag, double bag, lots of oxygen...now would it be okay to just use a regular old ice chest to put the bags into along with plenty of packing peanuts? Everything I've been reading simply says styrofoam. Most likely the fish would be in the ice chest, etc. for 4-5 hours. Does anyone think that this is even possible? Or would I simply stress the fish too much?
TIA Jennifer

Lady Hobbs
07-08-2008, 01:17 AM
Get a portable air pump. They run on batteries and cost about $12 and are handly to have in case of power outages, anyway. Put the fish in the cooler in water and run an airline in the cooler. You can tape an ice pack to the lid of the cooler if the heat is a problem or add a couple ice cubes to the water now and then.

You could possibly leave the fish at someones house and pick them up afterwards and the heat won't be a problem. Just don't leave the cooler in the hot sun in the car. Cover the windows if you must.