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05-30-2008, 02:53 AM
Any help will be appreciated...

My eleven loaches have recently developed white placques on the forehead and fin line horizontally, Amazingly, most of the lesions on the head are circular and appear as round ulcers.

I initially treated as Ich x 3 rounds with no improvment, then tried treatment for Hole in the Head. Anyone ever see Hole in the head in Loaches. All are active and eat voraciously. and hide. Cannot catch them without uprouting most of the tank. I've got them in a 150gal and boy can they hide fast.

Water changes x 3 50%, all test kit indicators are normal.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

05-30-2008, 08:54 AM
hello and welcome:19:
sorry to hear about youre loaches,you are correct loaches are boogers to get hold of, question is i presume you mean clown loaches as you dont state which kind of loach,
your loaches condition sounds like body fungus,
as you state that water quality is normal have you tried a salt bath for 2-3 days? these can be useful,at the moment it sounds like your fish have had alot of fish medication that could of brought on the ulcers? had you taken out carbon(if your filter has carbon) and have you given the tank a couple of days rest and added the carbon to take out the last lot of medication? then water changed removed carbon again then redosed with hole in the head treatment? if you try the salt get all the other medication out of the tank and then salt bath without the carbon so theres no conflicting medications,if you get no joy through salt baths then you are going to have to try a stronger medication,where are you from eg us,uk,it would help with the medication as some countries offer different treatments,

05-30-2008, 09:03 AM
Anglecakes NO SALT WITH LOACHES. Loaches are scaleless fish, and all salt will do is burn their skin. Never, ever use salt with loaches at any time. Sorry to shout but you obviously didn't know. Half-doses of medication with them.
And a shotgun approach at medication won't help. A 50 percent water change would to dilute all the medication in the water.
A clear photo of the loaches and complete water chemistry would be necessary for a proper diagnosis.