View Full Version : Why did my Amano die?

05-09-2008, 05:57 AM
Found one of my Amanos dead in my 20g in a cave, had em for over a month. Not much algae in the tank, some on the walls. I introduced a couple java ferns covered in algae 2 weeks ago and in less than 2 days they were spotless. I feed them shrimp pellets and sinking wafers everyday and algae wafers once or twice a week. My tank is established and a couple months mature. All water parameters are good. Temp at 77F. No aggressive tankmates.

So did my Amano starve? It looked smaller than the other 3 Amanos. Yesterday I seen one of the big Amanos trying to eat algae off the wall, is this normal behaviour? First time witnessing this. Do Amanos need a hefty algae diet?

05-09-2008, 12:48 PM
I don't know if your shrimp died of starvation... All I can do is telling you what our shrimps are doing...
We have 5 amano shrimps in our 10gal.. And they keep eating all the day : we have algae everywhere : on the wall, bogwood, etc... And the amano are moving from a spot to another, sometimes swimming (very funny) sometimes only walking... And they in any position you can imagine...:hmm3grin2orange: ...
they eat sometimes the leftover of our platies (when there's some!:c2: ) and sometimes we add some algae wafer...

Other than that : Do you have trace of ammonia or nitrites? Shrimps are really sensitive... They're sensitive to copper and metals in general, and to chloramine too... So look inot it, and keep us informed...:thumb: