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10-26-2006, 07:13 AM
I was asked to write a guide on how to earn points in our forum so here it is.

Registering 100p (The amount new members start with)
Birthday 400p (you get 400 points on your birthday)
Referral 50p (you get 50 points for each member you refer that enters you in the referral field. You also get points for the future actions of the members you referred. When they earn points so do you)
Adding a profile picture 100p
Create a new quiz. 500p
Posting a new thread 20p + 0.01 point per character in the post.
Posting a reply 5p + 0.01 point per character in the post.
Becoming arcade champion for a game 5p (this will be raised when the games have been played a little more)

There are also a number of other actions that gives a smaller amount of points like rating a thread which gives 1p and receiving reputation which also gives one point.

Moderators earn twice the amount stated above as a small thanks for their effort.

Ways to earn points in the shop:
Lottery: the lottery gives you a chance to win a whole lot more points and do even more.

Points earned can be used in a number of different ways like to alter your profile, to buy virtual presents for fellow members, to buy awareness ribbons for your profile, to play in the arcade. (an arcade pass lasts 180 days) or win a lot more playing the daily or weekly lottery.


Thief feature is now disabled. Your points (money) is safe now in or out of the bank. (Interest points do not work.)

Also disabled now is post counts. You can no longer buy posts with points.

Lady Hobbs
04-18-2012, 10:11 PM
How many points do I give?

It is calculated based on a formula of number of posts, total rep points and time on site. It's too complicated to explain in detail.

dark green= 100
Light green= 500
Yellow = 1000
Star=10 000