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02-09-2008, 09:43 PM
Has anyone ever checked out this site? I recently installed some RCS and posted a question on petshrimp about what other shrimp I could put in with them that would not cross. I never could find the post so thought it did not go thru so did it again. Then I got a nasty email reply that I had been warned 2 times to do research before posting. Well, I had been thru the site but could never find any answer and had googled for an answer. So I replied to the email that what they did was rude and that I had done research first. They never even let the post go thru so that someone could answer. Then, when I went to the site, all that came up was a note that I was permanently banned. It was like it was a joke.

02-09-2008, 09:57 PM
wow! seriously. thats ridiculous! who needs em! We are knowledge enough here at the AC. We dont need those shrimp nazis crampin' our style. You're welcome here and thats what counts.
I have encountered sites like this before. Its just ran by power hungry monitors who don't understand their need to be helpful. give the site a year and it'll probably have 5 members and nobody posting. for shame.

02-09-2008, 10:00 PM
Never heard of the site but it doesn't sound too friendly...

If RCS are Red Cherry Shrimp then they will not crossbreed with:
Crystal Red, Tiger, Bumblebee, glass, japonica shrimp

They will cross with all others like rainbow, red tail, white pearl

02-10-2008, 03:51 AM
I've been a member of that forum for over a year. Mustafa has very strict rules about posting, and expects everyone to read and follow them. His reason for such a strict system is to prevent the same questions from being asked/answered repeatedly, which makes the forum search process much more time-consuming. To be fair, almost anything you might want to know about shrimp has probably been discussed at some point, and the info can be found by searching the forum. I'm not defending him, or agreeing with his policies, just explaining the reasons for them.
Cherry shrimp are a Neocaridina species, and can potentially crossbreed with any others of the same genus.

02-10-2008, 03:52 AM
wow thats crazy...............

02-10-2008, 04:09 AM
hey, it's his forum, I've researched quite a bit and finally registered, I didn't post right away and was removed. I have no problem with that, like I said, it's his forum and he can run it anyway he wants.

I haven't bothered to re-register

02-10-2008, 05:02 AM
That's it...........NO SHRIMP FOR YOU

02-10-2008, 05:49 AM
zshuzshu i know how you feel. the forum i belonged to before this was horrible.

all was good, then someone posted that they had a JD with fin rot going to the flesh, and it was blood red, no meds were working. i said to put the fish in a sterile paper plate, put a wet paper towel over all of the fish but its fin, and gently wipe on hydrogen peroxide to the fin and dont get any in the gills or eyes.

I HAD done that method tons of times, with success, and EXPERTS recommended it to me once. after i posted that suggestion everyone freaked and i was close to getting banned. i said whatever, if you dont listen to me the fish is a goner and left.

02-10-2008, 06:18 AM
I've used hydrogen peroxide for fin rot before and it worked great. If they don't want experienced advice then meah, you can't make them.

02-10-2008, 02:17 PM
Sailor got it right.

I am on there and have not had any issues. I think even if it has been discussed there can still be something gained by having a new thread on it. For example, what if THIS person can't get shrimp x or y, but can get two others that were not discussed before. What if they are mistaken on the identity of their current shrimp. What if you ask about the setup and find out they are in with fish that are stressing the shrimp out. Unless your goal is to have as little activity as possible I don't think that is the best way to do things. I understand not wanting it to end up like so many other forums where the same questions come up twice a week because people get in the mindset that the forum is the only source of information, but I do not think this is the best way to run a forum of any type.

02-10-2008, 04:44 PM
The whole purpose of a forum is to get people to discuss things. If you can only make one thread about a subject ever it kind of defeats the purpose of bringing people together to talk.