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Lady Hobbs
12-27-2007, 10:53 AM
Reputation points are given to members who you feel has helped you, helped others or written posts you approve of. Each member begans here with 10 points as soon as they sign up but each member must have earned reputation points themselves in order to give reputation to another. You can not give another person reputation points unless you have yourself earned rep. This does not include the 10 donated rep points you were donated for joining.

There are a line of symbols on the right above the posts. The "weigh scale" sign is where you give another member good reputation if you approve of advice they have given another or you feel they have helped you. The green boxes in your posts is a sliding scale. As you get more reputation points, that scale will grow eventually leading to a gold star.

Giving a member reputation points costs you nothing nor does it take away from your own reputation points. The Reputation system is not to be taken lightly. It is a great honor to be given good reputation by another member. It let's other members know this person has good advice and can be trusted. It is also not a feature to be misused!

To view your reputation points, Click on User CP at the top L. of the page. If you have been given good reputation, it will show up there as little green boxes and who has honored you with good rep. If a box is there and is grayed out, don't be alarmed. It simply means someone attempted to give you good rep but didn't have enough rep themselves to do so.

Dark Green = 100
Lightgreen = 200
Yellow = 500
Gold Star=10,000

How many points you give is based on how many you have earned yourself, number of posts, time on the site, etc.

A rep from a Mod counts as double before the other things are added in. So, while some may give a rep point that counts as perhaps 50-100 points, someone else may give a rep worth 700-800 points.

You can not be given bad rep!