View Full Version : 20gal Female Betta Tank

10-08-2015, 01:47 AM
We currently have a 20gal lightly planted tank with an Aqueon Quiet Flow 20 filter and an unknown brand adjustable temp heater. At the moment we have a very young(3-4 months old) female wild-type betta named Skittles housed in this basically betta mansion. She has only been in there for a couple days and seems a little lost. I've read up on tankmates and(this being actually my son's tank) we have a few ideas on how to keep her company. My son wants to do 2 or 4 more females, an oto, and shrimp(we know they will become snacks). My idea is a few guppies to have babies and shrimp(both of which I'm sure will be snacks). Any ideas on these two options? Ideas on other stocking ideas?

As a side note, it will be a heavily planted tank by the time we are finished. Just slowly adding plants as we find ones we like. The light bulb is a T8, for what that's worth. The whole tank(minus the filter, gravel, and decorations) were a gift from a friend who upgraded her cichlid tank.