View Full Version : Betta Struggling with Pellets

01-26-2015, 04:50 PM
I've been feeding my betta Omega One pellets for quite some time and he's always seemed to like them a lot. Recently he began not immediately swallowing the pellets. He bites them and holds them visibly in his mouth then usually drops them, but it still seems like he's pursuing the pellet, almost like he can't get ahold of it.

He's been in the same tank with consistent water changes for about a month so I don't think any changes I made are the issue. I had him in a q/t tank and put him back in the 10 gallon last month. I got a better filter while he was in the q/t (the tank is cycled, so it's not that), but the filter does have relatively strong current (Aqueon quiet-flow 10, rater at 100gph). He's also had some rather stubborn and aggressive fin rot and discoloration on the lateral line of his belly for awhile, so I'm concerned an infection might be changing his ability to eat or something. But he's had this sickness for almost 6 months and it didn't change feeding until now.

Also, he still likes dried bloodworms a lot. He eats these fairly easily and quickly, but they aren't enough for a full diet. They are softer and less solid of a food.

Things I'm thinking are a possibility:
-Current too strong from filter and it's wearing him out
-Fin rot/infection of body changing eating ability
-Unknown stressor
-Picky eater

Hopefully someone can shed some light on this for me. Thanks!

01-26-2015, 06:38 PM
I agree withmost of your possibilities.
1)current from filter: could you possibly tuck a piece of sponge into the place where the water flows out? I do that with the hob on my betta tank and it really slows the flow. I also find that it catches a lot of debris on the way out and I need to rinse it a minimum of weekly
2)Fin/rot: If he's been dealing with fin rot for 6 months, you're right. it could be affecting him. What treatment have you used to attempt to cure the finrot?
3) unknown stressor: blood worms can constipate. Have you tried flake food? My better eats both pellets and flakes
You might also try a piece of blanched shelled pea.
What other fish are in the tank with him?