View Full Version : Early Stages of Something Sinister?

12-31-2014, 11:22 PM
My other betta has all kinds of problems with fin rot/infection/etc. and I noticed this discolored spot on a friend's betta earlier today. I figured I would reach out for some confirmation on what it could be.

It is an irregularly shaped spot without color (not white, just has no vivid color at all. Dull grey would be the closest). Just above the eye. Doesn't seem to be raised or sunken. Fish has been happy and healthy, starting stages of early fin rot appear to be contained well. He just and slightly darkening tips so we've ramped up water changes. Water parameters have been absolutely top notch- he's been moving around due to the holidays but he does well with car travel and gets a 100% new and disinfected tank with all his usual decorations, don't think he's horribly stressed. 78* water.

I'm just concerned because this appears to be close to a columnaris' calling card; early-stage infection spot? Or perhaps he just bumped into something or has some natural discoloration that I didn't notice before. I've become sort of a hypochondriac because of my other betta. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure right?

Pictures: http://imgur.com/vFFMrR8,Q6Q42nj,qi7zbvn,eR8JkLm,uoyAR5k,MOf1uQi
Especially note the last two pictures, spot is just above the fish's right eye, left eye from our perspective. And sorry for repeats of the first picture, don't know why that happened