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07-15-2014, 11:22 AM
My Red Aro is close to 8 inches now and he is on a diet of pellets, freeze dried shrimp and occasional bloodworms.
I noticed that he is frequently snapping his jaws sometimes after eating and sometimes even hours after eating.
But there is no decrease in his appetite and I should say he is eating a ton.
I trained him with 1 pellet per meal three times a day 2 months ago and now I have increased it to 5 pellets per meal three times a day.
He almost readily swallows the first few pellets and then chews the 4 or 5 pellet for about 10-30 seconds before eating.
But he has no problems in eating the freeze dried shrimps and bloodworms.

The pellets are normal size not the jumbo sized ones, they are hardly 1cm in length.

So now to the point is jaw snapping frequently normal Aro behavior ? or is he indicating that the pellets are hard to chew and eat ?
Would 5 pellets put a lot of stress on a juvie Aro's jaws? Are they that fragile?

Any advise would be great

Thanks guys

07-15-2014, 02:25 PM
The jaw snapping happening at the 4th or 5th pellet? Or is it happening on the first 3 pellets?

Are you sure he is not holding onto the first 3 pellets, and then chewing after his mouth is full on the 4th or 5th pellet?

In anticipation of multiple pieces of food being dropped in, fish tend to hold food in their mouths before swallowing. Try feeding 1 pellet and waiting a minute before dropping the next pellet into the aquarium. See if he still chews the 4th or 5th pellet. If the fish knows that they have time to swallow what is in their mouth, they will.

07-16-2014, 12:29 AM
good advice Rocksor. I have indeed noticed this from time to time with my aros. I think it has to do with the bony tongue crushing their food.

07-16-2014, 11:33 AM
Agreed I ll try giving a time gap between feeding each pellet.
But why does he snap his jaws even an hour after eating ?

07-25-2014, 02:08 PM
very common arowana behaviour. I'm guessing they may be doing that to get their jaw to sit comfortably considering they have alot of different mouth parts that have to sit perfectly. I've seen countless arowanas with sideways jaws unfortunately. just a guess though.