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10-02-2007, 01:13 AM
Well i have been looking around for some ideas on tank mates for my 29 gallon as i will be moving my big pleco to another home. He is just too big for the tank. I was looking at some of these Sewellia lineolata. They only get about 2.5 - 3". I know they like fast currents. I will be upgrading my filter to the ehiem canister rated for 35 gallons. Brian over at brianstropicals.com said this

"I just brought these back from Germany in May of 2006. Ingo introduced me to them and told me how to care for them and breed them. By January I was getting lots of fry. I didn't bother with high flow. Just a sponge filter bubbling away in a 15 gallon. Room temp, no heater, around 73-76. My tap water is pH 7.6 and medium hardness (230 ppm). Some rocks and wood in the back, sand up front. I feed them frozen brine shrimp and frozen mysis shrimp. When I suspect there might be fry in the tank I feed GP Larval diet from Brine Shrimp Direct. Then when I see the fry I start feeding bbs and frozen cyclopeeze. Babies everywhere! The parents and older fry don't seem to bother them at all. The fry are extremely small when they hatch so it is important to have infusoria in the tank. I doubt the GP larval diet alone would do the trick (although it may actually contribute to the infusoria load in the tank). I really started getting a lot of fry when I lowered the amount of water flow through my water changing system. The tank got a little bit cloudier and then I really had good survival of the fry."

They look so cute! Absolutely stunning fish. Was thinking of getting two of them in place of my big pleco.