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  1. Risky roundup: US Navy dolphins to help capture critically endangered Mexican porpois
  2. Bahamas' Swimming Pigs Found Dead 'After Tourists Give Them Rum'
  3. Blackfish Redux: As countries move to ban orca captivity, China opens its first kille
  4. 'Tsunami of sewage spills' in Tijuana fouls U.S. beaches, may have been intentional
  5. They're here: Crocodile shark that's more at home in tropical waters washes up on a D
  6. Lydia the Great White Shark 'Just Kept Swimming' For 36,000 miles
  7. MH370 Families Launch Campaign To Fund Search For The Missing Jet
  8. Video: Man Attempts to Rescue Seal from Hungry Killer Whale
  9. German institute successfully tests underwater energy storage sphere
  10. What happens when the research underpinning conservation is wrong?
  11. I'm still standing: paddleboarder makes world-first Atlantic crossing
  12. This Couple Had A Real-Life Mermaid Wedding; 'I think every woman has a dream'
  13. Catching great white sharks off South Carolina coast akin to 'training a dog'
  14. Tampa Aquarium unlikely complaint target, but PETA persists over shark death; 'They'r
  15. Validating Tall Tales of Rogue Waves: Analyzing more than two million waves gives res
  16. Scientists Made the Perfect Underwater Glue By Stealing an Idea From Shellfish
  17. Did Your Yoga Pants Cause Sea Pollution? Researchers eye 'Microfibers' as contaminant
  18. Gone: Study says Some parts will never recover from Great Barrier Reef coral bleachin
  19. Over: Animal Planet Announces The Final Season of River Monsters; 'Our subject matter
  20. Copulating seahorses and a lavish snail ballet: the underwater wonders of Jean Painle
  21. 75 liters: Typical urine level in swimming pools revealed
  22. Shark spits out Spanish buttock off Aussie coast; 'He honestly was scared for his lif
  23. Katter's Australia Party to introduce croc cull legislation after two attacks in Quee
  24. Divers unearth ancient Greek artifacts at Crimean bridge construction site
  25. Meet the Man Who Wants to Make Eating Shad a Fad Again
  26. Florida diver pulls massive hook out of lemon shark's belly
  27. Kill 'em all: Vancouver Aquarium cetacean ban could mean animals will have to be euth
  28. Spine-chilling turtle drags duck down from surface to kill for lunch
  29. Drone Records Shark 'Close to Tasting' Swimmer Wearing Flippers, Bikini
  30. South Carolina: Large alligator sneaks up on golfers at Kiawah Island golf course; 'I
  31. How giant marine reptiles terrorized the ancient seas
  32. They're Back: Fish and Wildlife Service Moves Florida Manatee Status From 'Endangered
  33. Japan Kills 333 Whales for 'Research Purposes' Despite International Criticism
  34. The U.S. Navy Tried to Turn Whale Songs Into Secret Code
  35. 'Underwater wasteland' worries after cyclone hits Barrier Reef
  36. Do Seas Make Us Sick? Surfers May Have the Answer
  37. Blowhole 'Breathalyzer' Shows Salmonella in Killer Whales
  38. Cruise Ship Cancels Tours In St Vincent After Slaughter Of Killer Whales In Full View
  39. The Putrid, Poisonous Fish Delicacy Egyptians Can't Get Enough Of
  40. A group of divers is saving Myanmar's marine wildlife from deadly ghost nets
  41. Captivity: Last-ditch attempt to save world's most endangered porpoise gets go-ahead
  42. Australia: Semifinal postponed after tuna, salmon and sharks invade surfing contest a
  43. What Antarctic Killer Whales Can Teach Humans About Climate Change
  44. Bowhead whale spotted off Vlissingen coast; first ever spotted in Netherlands waters
  45. South Africa: 68-year-old man dies after shark bite near Shelly Beach
  46. Silver Fish Surf the Waves to Spawn on California Beaches
  47. People Are Killing Millions Of Fish Each Year Just To Stock Aquariums
  48. Losing Nemo: bleaching makes iconic fish homeless
  49. Japan: Rare whale meat barbecue restaurant spreads food culture; 'Its taste and chewi
  50. Aussie Easter Nightmare: WA authorities scramble to identify shark that killed teen s
  51. Good Samaritans wade into the freezing Black Sea to save a dolphin after it got caugh
  52. These Sharks Thrive Inside an Underwater Volcano; Scientists bring robots to the 'Sha
  53. It's a Nice Night for Surfing, But Beware of Sharks. Why paddle out under the stars?
  54. Malaysia: More calls for shark hunting ban after photo of fins on jetty surfaces
  55. Parents: Daughter Killed by Shark 'Wouldn't Support' Cull
  56. In a Fish-Eat-Fish World, Cannibalism Is Surprisingly Rare; Behavior Less Prevalent T
  57. Fisherman's monster shark photo stuns the Internet
  58. Research: Whales 'Whisper' to Evade Predators; 'We Heard A Lot of Rubbing Sounds, Lik
  59. NOAA scientists captured the remarkable moment when a non-predatory shrimp ate a fish
  60. Man who devoted life to sharks, killed by shark off the coast of Reunion; 'Anger and
  61. Woman Left With 'Chunk of Leg Missing' After Being Attacked by Shark on Californian B
  62. Family of seven hospitalized, home quarantined, after cleaning fish tank which releas
  63. Surfer Jorgann Couzinett chased from Reunion Island to France by sharks; 'It's too da
  64. Video: Missing blue whale carcass found near Liverpool
  65. Aussie reef officials ask fishers to no longer target herbivorous fish
  66. This British Nuclear Sub Can Stay Underwater for 25 Years... In Theory
  67. Mom and baby freedive with dolphins – is footage beautiful or alarming?
  68. Annual pilot whale killings in the Faroe Islands – An ongoing debate
  69. There's Probably Plastic in Your Sea Salt; Now you can season your plastic-contaminat
  70. 'our subject matter is finite': Animal Planet reveals reason behind last season of 'R
  71. How To Fix a Jellyfish Sting Pack tweezers and vinegar in your beach bag— and forge
  72. What exactly did the Greek sponge-divers drag in?
  73. The Case Against Shark Fin Trade Bans; 'Will cause the demise of a legal domestic ind
  74. Whale Wars: Alaskan Whaling sparks controversy, alleged death threats to those on bot
  75. Scientists Track Threatened Weedy Seadragon Population Using Marine 'Facial recogniti
  76. According to NOAA U.S. Fishing Generated Over $200 Billion in Sales and Rebuilt Two F
  77. Expert: 300-pound tiger shark died after fight with Florida fishermen; 'Died of stres
  78. How China's demand for a $20K fish bladder drives poaching, trafficking and wildlife
  79. Who is Jeremy Wade? River Monsters presenter and extreme angler – all you need to k
  80. Narwhals could help us measure melting glaciers underwater
  81. Trapped 40ft humpback whale escapes California harbor after spending the night bumpin
  82. In British Columbia, A Strange Pattern In Humpback Whale Behavior Raises The Stakes F
  83. Seldom-seen megamouth shark caught in net off Chiba; 'My dream has come true'
  84. Bite Back: Father of Girl Grabbed by Sea Lion Gets Back at Pier Officials Who Called
  85. Somehow, This Fish Fathered a Near Clone of Itself
  86. How do Animals Have Sex Underwater? Speed, angle, and agility combat the difficulties
  87. Scuba-diver gets the fright of his life when a great white shark smashes through his
  88. Bizarre faceless fish discovered in deep sea abyss
  89. Unregulated: Shark Diving in the 'Wild West' After Kiwi Court Ruling
  90. From captivity to cloning: the fight to save vaquita porpoise from extinction
  91. 'Extremely Friendly' Pod of Orcas Spotted Near San Pedro
  92. 'Do the right thing and throw them back, mate': Asian couple confronted by a furious
  93. Video of 'Walking Fish' has scientists stumped
  94. Plastics Without Borders: How the world is addressing the issue of ocean pollution
  95. Starring Sea Monsters: Sci-fi flicks from the 1950s and '60s responded to the threat
  96. North Carolina woman loses arm in shark attack Off The Bahamas
  97. Race against time: Stranded humpback whale unable to be rescued tonight at Satwell on
  98. Listing Battleship Texas closed after sprouting new leak; 'Her hull is made of steel
  99. Researcher: Fish brains not so different from those of humans
  100. Free Keikó 2: Amusement Park Imports Beluga Whales To Iceland
  101. Will Fish Get A Humanely Harvested Label? These Brothers Bet $40 Million On It
  102. Apparently, the once-feared snakehead is just another fish in the Potomac
  103. This Tiny Underwater Robot Will Dive into the Deadly Fukushima Nuclear Plant
  104. At 47 Meters Down, Sharks Are the Least of Your Worries; 'They are going to run out o
  105. 'A magical experience': Beautiful images capture rare bioluminescent plankton off the
  106. Angler Recaptures Same Swordfish He Tagged Three Years Before
  107. Deepest Dive Under Antarctica Reveals a Shockingly Vibrant World
  108. 12 billion gallons of water pour into Lake Tahoe amid this week's heat wave
  109. Ethics, emotions and money: Battle lines drawn in Vancouver Aquarium debate
  110. Lobster Terror: Live Crustacean Weighing Over 20 Pounds Spotted In Boston Checked Lug
  111. Crocodile Poaching Booms as Egypt Tourism Crumbles
  112. Boaty McBoatface submarine records successful maiden voyage
  113. Growing concerns over great white shark boom off Cape Cod; 'The potential of an inter
  114. Study shows high pregnancy failure in southern resident killer whales; links to nutri
  115. 'Where is your empathy?': Teenager sparks uproar after he dives into water to catch e
  116. Vaquita Porpoise: Dolphins Deployed To Save Rare Species; 'We've been training them t
  117. Contraceptive pills and cleaning products flushed down the toilet are turning male ri
  118. Gone: Cancun croc attack leaves American tourist without an arm
  119. Scientists: North Sea cod stock improves from disastrous levels
  120. 'The Whale Appeared to Hit Me Twice': Video Shows Bay Area Kiteboarder's Encounter Wi
  121. Indonesia: Divers Shocked To Find Large Sea Animals Chained Underwater Inside Cages
  122. Is this Western Australia's Migaloo? Whale watchers discover 'incredibly rare' white
  123. Incredible world-first footage shows a humpback whale flapping its front flippers to
  124. Gone Girl: Pregnant Endangered Pink Dolphin Found Dead on Hong Kong Beach
  125. Amazon Has Plans To Create Underwater Warehouses
  126. Researchers: Rhode Island Wind Farm 'Highly Unlikely' to Have Caused Whale's Death
  127. 'Quite odd': coral and fish thrive on Bikini Atoll 70 years after nuclear tests
  128. After shark attack on nude beach: No worries, say Miami's buff sun worshipers
  129. 'She died doing what she loved': Wester Australian shark victim identified
  130. Aussie Tour guide blasts decision to remove curious croc 'Gump'
  131. Off With Their Heads: Dolphins Employ 'Family Recipe' To Teach Each Others How to Dec
  132. Australia is sharing an amazing trove of underwater data gathered in the long search
  133. Archaeologists discover remains of WWII soldiers underwater: 'This is our Amelia Earh
  134. A Healthy Ocean Needs Viruses, And the more we learn about them, the weirder they get
  135. 69-yr-old Snooty The Manatee Dies, And A Florida Community Mourns; 'Simply a heartbre
  136. Full: It's been 11 years since this happened to Lake Tahoe, and it's beautiful
  137. Report: Alligator 'Ate toes off' of Florida man who bathed in pond
  138. NASA Ocean Anomaly: Sea Levels Falling Since January 2016
  139. California's Surf Beach is an 'Epicenter' of Mysterious Shark Attacks in 2008, 2010,
  140. Telegraph from WWI Lusitania Shipwreck Hauled Up from the Deep
  141. 'Spectacular' white southern right whale calf creates stir off Western Australia coas
  142. 'Snot for science': How blow-hole goop could help track stress in Manitoba belugas
  143. Billowing, black sewer discharge at Niagara Falls alarms businesses, tourists; Like s
  144. Australia: Surge in deadly shark attacks linked to record whale numbers
  145. Big Island man, 37, recovering after great white shark attack in Atlantic Ocean; 'He'
  146. Second garbage patch the size of Texas discovered in Pacific Ocean; 'It's more like s
  147. Tributes paid to Parrot, Britain's largest fresh water fish who has died age 25
  148. Video: What is a Whale Fall? Here's a whale graveyard found in SoCal
  149. Bloody Awful: Tiny 'Meat-loving' Marine Creatures 'Eat' Teenager's Legs at Melbourne
  150. Canadians Are Now the First to Eat Genetically Modified Salmon
  151. At A Small Florida College, 'Scubi Jew' Aims To Save The Seas
  152. Brussels under fire as Dutch fishermen begin Electrocuting fish in North Sea
  153. Goldfish go months without oxygen by making alcohol inside cells
  154. Florida Taxpayers Helped Fund Production For Shark Dragging Siesta Creeps; 'What a st
  155. 'Extremely complex': How the hunt for clues in the Franklin shipwreck mystery is chan
  156. Migaloo is back! Albino humpback makes a rare appearance off the coast of Australia
  157. Removal of Rhode Island 'Eight-legged Mystery Object' Delayed over Weather Concerns
  158. Surf Fisher Dude Ponders Eclipse's Effect on Fish; 'There's three different schools o
  159. Officials grapple with how to help young gray whale out of Newport Harbor; 'I hope it
  160. Off with their heads: In the Gulf of Mexico, dolphins have learned a deadly new trick
  161. The USS Indianapolis is found after 72 years on the sea bed: Wreck of ship that was s
  162. The USS Indianapolis is found after 72 years on the sea bed: Ship sunk by Japanese su
  163. MAD 'Scientist' Proposes 'Manatee Alerting Device', But Experts Have Doubts; 'Ohhhh,
  164. Hunt for Sick 'Trophy hunters' Who Removed a Great White Shark's Dorsal Fin and Teeth
  165. Drone captures stunning footage of whales of Perth coast
  166. These True Stories Behind the Shipwrecks on Lake Superior Will Give You Goosebumps
  167. Mad Scientist: Chilling footage emerges of submarine inventor accused of cutting up w
  168. Aussie seals still harassing Coorong fishermen-- despite Government committing fundin
  169. They're here: Spike in Great White Shark sightings off Cape Cod prompts calls for a m
  170. Gas Panic: Brit Beach Evacuated After Mysterious 'Chemical mist' Blows in from Sea
  171. Activists blame Mexican government for near-loss of porpoise
  172. Humpback whale trapped in anchor line of cruise ship for 12 hours
  173. Sydney Opera House to Build 'Apartment Blocks' for Fish in the Harbour This Summer
  174. 'Singing underwater is really something else': how to make a submerged symphony – v
  175. In Fragile Partnership, Dolphins Help Catch Fish in Myanmar
  176. South Florida Museum Says That Snooty's Accidental Death Was 'Preventable'
  177. A Big Catch: California Whales Are Getting Tangled in Fishing Gear
  178. Mystery of the mass whale stranding is solved: Solar storms played havoc with the Ear
  179. Aussie Shark attack pack: 'Israeli bandage' could save your life after a bite
  180. Hawaii Tour Operator Gets Rare Fine for Harassing Dolphins; Guilty of 'Leapfrogging'
  181. Note: The Publishing Schedule For UnderwaterTimes.com May Be Impacted By Hurricane Ir
  182. 99 Years Later, U.S. Navy Probing Warship Disaster off Long Island; 'It's a nice piec
  183. Underwater Filmmaker Nathalie Lasselin Dives Half-Marathon In St. Lawrence River
  184. 97-year-old 'Goldfish Wizard' Finally Breeds … Green Fish
  185. Florida couple braves Hurricane Irma to care for dolphins: 'I wasn't going to leave t
  186. Sri Lanka: Brit reporter for prestigious newspaper eaten by crocodile while relieving
  187. Man vs. Nature: Can Miami stave off rising sea level?
  188. This Biologist Shocked Himself With An Electric Eel For Science
  189. Gone: Disappearance of right whales from winter breeding grounds a mystery for scient
  190. Starving Killer Whales Are Losing Most of Their Babies; 70% miscarriage rate threaten
  191. See how these amazing underwater creatures have used rubbish to survive the deep
  192. Save us from the monster fish: how should you dispose of your pet?
  193. Thar he blows! Famous albino whale Migaloo puts on a show off the coast of Bondi- as
  194. Jelly Surprise: Scientists in California discover the first brainless animal that sle
  195. 'The stuff the movie-makers dream of.' In Lake Michigan, a graveyard of long-lost shi
  196. Shocking Secret Salmon Farm Footage Reveals Horrifically Disfigured and Unhealthy Fis
  197. Scientists spent a month terrifying guppies to prove that fish have personalities
  198. Invasion: Monster-sized goldfish are taking over an Alberta city that now has to cull
  199. Take out: Sickening moment a Chinese villager guts a rare white dolphin on the beach
  200. The US Navy Has Created Its First Ever Underwater Drone Squadron
  201. Fish have individual personalities
  202. Researchers: Whale deaths may be related to warming seas
  203. Overfishing: A 17-year study reveals primary cause of reef fish decline in Hawaii
  204. This is what it's like to be eaten by a shark: Camera keeps filming as it is swallowe
  205. Fisherman uses Monster Energy Drink can to lure fish, hooks one right away
  206. Going: Second Irrawaddy dolphin death in Borneo linked to fishing nets
  207. Hurricane Party: Gulfport Marine Mammals Will Ride Storm Out in 'One of the Safest Pl
  208. Video: Turtle escapes shark, shark charges toward diver
  209. Stunning Video Captures Humpback Whales Catching Fish With Nets of Bubbles
  210. Finding Titanic made Ballard famous but reach goes deeper ; 'I wanted to be Captain N
  211. Courtship? Mysterious Blue Whale Behavior Likely Filmed for First Time
  212. Canary Islands volcano: Scientists on alert as underwater volcano simmers for six yea
  213. Scientists: Dolphins have 'Human-like' societies... but are held back by a lack of op
  214. Hidden Treasure Trove of Shipwrecks May Become Sanctuary in Lake Michigan
  215. For Sale in Canada: Shark fin soup is on the menu; investigation shows that some fins
  216. 'I'm still kind of in limbo' Ontario angler says as fight continues over secret fishi
  217. Lost: US exploration firm to strike 'No find, no fee' deal with Malaysian government
  218. Australia: Vigilantes 'Kill great white' after Esperance shark attack
  219. Beluga Living with Dolphins Swaps Her Calls for Theirs
  220. Traces of Alzheimer's Disease Detected in Wild Animals for the First Time
  221. Tanked: A Little Bit of Blue Planet II Was Filmed in Fish Tanks; producer points to '
  222. Europe's First Underwater Restaurant Is Terrifying and Beautiful
  223. Astrolabe: Rare Solar Navigation Tool Found in Ancient Shipwreck
  224. World's first underwater shark film and world's first underwater shark killing film
  225. Pollution and the Rise of the Orange Marsh Zombies
  226. Octopolypse Now: dozens of octopuses are spotted 'Walking out of the sea' and strandi
  227. Japan: Rescued Women 'Lost' At Sea For Five Months Respond To Criticism
  228. Japan's Famous Deep-Sea Divers Give Clues to Better Vascular Health
  229. Dolphin dies after 43 yrs under human care, longest in Japan
  230. Court: 3 PETA Protesters Banned From SeaWorld San Diego for 3 Years
  231. It Had To Be Killed In Order To Save It: Female Vaquita of Breeding Age Dies During G
  232. Fishermen Catch 12-Foot Hammerhead Off Florida Beach; 'It's a fish of a lifetime'
  233. American Women Rescued From Sea Stick With Their Story: 'You Would Say the Same Thing
  234. Point Break: British surfer breaks back in wipeout as 50ft wave crashes down on him
  235. Why Don't Fish Swim Upside Down? It's a natural question for animals that float, but
  236. 16 pictures which show the devastating impact of plastic on animals and the oceans
  237. Army helping refloat stricken orca whale stranded on Marlborough beach
  238. Floating Cities, No Longer Science Fiction, Begin to Take Shape
  239. Sturgeon fishing ban may enforce in Caspian Sea for next 20-25 years
  240. Research: Humpback whales don't always heed sonic warnings from warships
  241. Ancient Fortress Ruins Discovered Under Lake in Turkey
  242. Orcas vs great white sharks: in a battle of the apex predators who wins?
  243. Meet 'Her Deepness' - the 82-year-old deep sea diver who spent two weeks living under
  244. Lost: Mystery as missing Argentina submarine sent seven failed satellite calls
  245. Found: Navy detects noises 'Like tools being banged against the hull' of missing Arge
  246. Lost: Argentina's first female submariner 'Warned family of mechanical problems on bo
  247. Found: Missing Argentine submarine 'Is located by US Navy; new sonar signal heard' as
  248. 'Hydroacoustic Anomaly': Relatives of crew aboard missing Argentine submarine react w
  249. Egypt: Roman Shipwreck, Royal Discoveries Uncovered Underwater Near Alexandria
  250. Mexico creates vast new ocean reserve to protect 'Galapagos of North America'