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  1. After Decades, Alaska's Sea Otters Finally Rebound From Exxon Valdez
  2. Genius Fish Human Solves Three Rubik's Cubes Underwater In One Minute
  3. Researcher Unravels Mystery of Sea turtles‚
  4. Scientists: Test West Coast for Fukushima radiation; 'I'm not trying to be Alarmist'
  5. Malaysia Airlines flight MH370: What's Needed to Find It On The Ocean Floor; Underwat
  6. Scientists: Asian carp could survive in all Great Lakes
  7. 'Big leap' as Australia hatches first IVF shark
  8. Watch: Dolphin interrupts underwater filming to ask diver for help
  9. SeaWorld reports Record Revenue Despite 'Blackfish' Backlash; Film 'No Impact on the
  10. Extinct Porpoise Found to Be First Mammal With Major Underbite Elongated lower jaw; h
  11. Death awaits anyone who dares enter! Inside the world‚
  12. $5 off $25 Petsmart coupon. Expires next month.
  13. Scientists: Narwhal's Trademark Tusk Acts Like a Sensor
  14. Scientists: Sea Snake Can Dry To A Crisp, Then rehydrate By Gulping Freshwater
  15. Bluefin Tuna Show Animal Migration Routes Maintained by Knowledge of Informed Elders
  16. Plane search hampered by ocean garbage problem; 'A Needle In A Haystack'
  17. Why The Exxon Valdez Spill Was A Eureka Moment For Science
  18. Whale Wars: Sea Shepherd claims to have saved 750 whales from Japanese harpoons
  19. One Reason It May Be Harder to Find Flight 370: We Messed Up the Currents
  20. Study: Deepwater Horizon oil spill cause
  21. Underwater Microphone Could Find Missing Malaysian Plane
  22. Antarctica: Rising Sea Ice 'Hurts' Elephant Seal Breeding; 'It's Too Early To Say'
  23. Crabster Robot Could Change The Way We Explore Underwater Sites
  24. No-Kill Caviar Aims To Keep The Treat And Save The Sturgeon
  25. Elusive Dwarf Octopuses Hatch in Captivity
  26. Study: Too Many Salmon in the Sea, Posing A Risk To Other Wildlife; 'Very Little Is K
  27. First-Ever National Policy on Recreational Fishing Announced; 'We will do our part to
  28. How Lil Wayne the NYC Octopus Will Help Scientists Understand the Brain
  29. 'Incredibly Strong' Hagfish slime mystery unraveled by Canadian scientists
  30. Saturn Moon Harbors Ocean, Raising Possibility of Life
  31. VIDEO: A Chinese Factory Is Reportedly Killing Rare Whale Sharks to Turn Them Into Li
  32. Is 1000-Kilo Killer Croc captured In Uganda The world‚
  33. Mass dolphin deaths in Peru; 400 Carcasses found In A Month
  34. Shark Fin Trade Drops Significantly in Hong Kong; Volume Imported Down 35%
  35. British students became youngest duo to row the Atlantic
  36. Massive Bull Shark Caught 'Just Off Miami Beach Hotels'
  37. South Africa: Fury over Brit's great white shark haul; 'Absolute dismay, disgust and
  38. Chinese Billionaire Guo Guangchang To Be Feted As 'Global Shark Guardian' In New York
  39. Biologists: Sharks Contain More Pollutants Than Polar Bears
  40. Sea Shepherd: Western Australian Fisheries in league with Japanese Whale poachers
  41. Reservoir discards 38 million gallons of water after man caught urinating in it
  42. Could This Cuddly Cat Actually Be Killing This Dolphin?
  43. Study Confirms: Overfishing Remains Biggest Threat to Mediterranean
  44. Going with the flow: Water trickles into new Florida Keys aquarium
  45. 290m: daredevil takes the plunge and breaks new diving record; 'The dive gave me a mi
  46. Judge to Seaquarium Killer Whale: You Can‚
  47. Pinniped Piper? Former SeaWorld trainer says he can persuade sea lions away from La J
  48. Australia: Monster 5m great white takes on boat off Pottsville
  49. Underwater Volcano Creates Huge Floating Islands of Rock, Disrupts Shipping
  50. Public health warning as cat parasite spreads to Arctic beluga whales; 'The new norma
  51. Iron Fertilization Of The Oceans Produces Fish And Sequesters Carbon Dioxide. So Why
  52. Vancouver council to call for plebiscite on whales in captivity
  53. Scientists Learn How to Put an Octopus to Sleep
  54. Shark shocks Ibaraki aquarium staff by swallowing‚
  55. Research: Ocean Acidification Chipping Away at Snail Shells
  56. Sidon 'Shark Hunter' catches 12 Off Lebanon Coast In 15 Days
  57. Scientists puzzled by odd creature found on South African beach
  58. Climate researchers: Fate Of Several Meters Of Rising Ocean Waters Held In Check By S
  59. Angler finds live frog staring out at him from inside a fish‚
  60. Costa Concordia's Stability Threatened as Flotation Tank Falls Off
  61. Egg Wars: Battle over caviar production rages in Missouri, Oklahoma; 'I don‚
  62. Diary reveals Diver's harrowing search for Korea ferry bodies; 'Felt A body'
  63. In prep for future asteroid mission, NASA astronauts go deep sea diving, sort of
  64. Lost! Deep-Diving ROV Implodes 6 Miles Beneath the Sea
  65. Scientists: West Antarctic Ice Sheet Begins Collapse, Reaches 'Point of No Return'; S
  66. 'I went flying!': Stunned surfer survives great white shark attack after being launch
  67. 'One of the most magical things': Incredible pictures shows whale blowing a rainbow
  68. Photos: US Cities Under 12 Feet of Sea-Level Rise
  69. Could Dangerous Underwater Volcano in Caribbean Cause a US Tsunami?
  70. Exclusive: Tiny plastic timebomb - the pollutants in our cosmetics
  71. Exclusive: Tiny plastic timebomb - the pollutants in our cosmetics
  72. Lake Natron, Tanzania
  73. Griffin Dunne: 'We saw shark that bit off surfer girl's arm
  74. Elephant wading near beach in Florida has onlookers stunned
  75. Strange Findings on Comb Jellies Uproot Animal Family Tree; 'It's a paradox'
  76. British Virgin Islands establishing sanctuary for all shark species in its territoria
  77. Crocodile Hunter‚
  78. Empty The tanks: Protest at Vancouver Aquarium against whales in captivity
  79. Scientists Say 'Pings' Were Not From Missing Malaysian Plane And Slam Search As A 'De
  80. Dinner time with the gentle giants of the deep: River Monsters Host Jeremy Wade dives
  81. SyFy Will See Discovery‚
  82. Bonaire Bids Farewell to Diving Legend and Island Icon, Captain Don Stewart
  83. Tiny monsters haunt the Great Pacific Garbage Patch; 'Devil Horns'
  84. Vancouver Aquarium dismisses Goodall's call to free the whales; 'Inaccurate Informati
  85. Russian rows into history: 16,000km, five-month solo, unassisted, non-stop crossing o
  86. Report: Canada Lags In Protecting Oceans; 'Dragging It's Heals' On MPA's
  87. World’s Largest Artificial Reef
  88. Brazil Plans To Stop Killing Pink Dolphins; the Stuff of Myth Gets Rescue Plan
  89. Scientists: Night-hunting Catfish Sense Chemicals in Prey‚
  90. Unlocking secrets of elusive predator, The Great White Shark; 'Sharks swim along our
  91. Western Australian Abalone Diver Gyula Plaganyi Has 'Survived 20 Great Whites And 100
  92. How Fish Cool Off Global Warming, Capture Carbon; 'A Great Deal Of uncertainty'
  93. French museum to clean up shark‚
  94. Study: Canadian fossil finds give key details about primitive fish; shows precursor t
  95. Even Crayfish Can Get Anxious; 'It‚
  96. With Millions of Tons of Plastic in Oceans, More Scientists Studying Impact; Can it e
  97. Vast Underwater Ocean Trapped Beneath Earth's Crust; Deep Water 'Missing' For Decades
  98. Experts: Research at risk if Vancouver aquarium loses whales; 'Institutions don't wan
  99. Living underwater: Fabien Cousteau in second half of 31-day experiment
  100. President Obama to announce creation of world's largest marine sanctuary
  101. Strange underwater sea creature caught on camera in the Gulf of Mexico
  102. Popularity of great white shark Katharine crashes website
  103. The Secret to Finding Your Underwater Dog
  104. The 9,000-Year-Old Underwater Megalithic Settlement of Atlit Yam
  105. Britain's giant kelp forests could be destroyed within the next 100 years
  106. Record Atlantic Hurricane 'Drought' Continues; 3,142 days And Counting Since Major St
  107. countries' Fuel Subsidies 'Drive Fishing Industry's Plunder Of The High Seas'
  108. Bull Shark Found in Public Pond
  109. Fears Migaloo's white skin has left the albino humpback whale with skin cancer
  110. Manatee Stranded on Florida Beach After Exhaustion From Marathon Mating session
  111. For the Children: Japanese whaling town butchers 30ft long whale
  112. Oceana: Discarded fish cost as much as $2.6 billion in U.S., $20 million in Northwest
  113. Idiotic Sydney surfers flirt with danger as they ignore whale exclusion zones for clo
  114. 2-headed alligator causing a stir after photo goes viral on web
  115. Sharktopus Is Back -- And He's Fighting Pteracuda!
  116. Antarctic sea ice hits second all-time record in a week
  117. Analysis: Some SeaWorld mammals survive longer in captivity
  118. Costa Concordia: Video of underwater wreck released
  119. Lord of The Carcass: Kiwis rush to see huge dead whale which has washed up on beach -
  120. Why Some Penguins Thrive in Climate Change; 'There are a number of possibilities'
  121. Smiling Parrotfish Photobombs Snorkeler's Pic
  122. Summer of the Shark: Are More Great Whites a Good Thing? Attacks Not At 'Epidemic Lev
  123. Massive school of anchovies off California coast looks like oil slick; 'It was remark
  124. West Virginia Proposed State Law about Dangerous Animals may affect fishkeepers
  125. Scientists: More Big Whales in Oceans Could Mean More Fish; Migrations A 'Conveyor Be
  126. Dam Projects Ignite a Legal Battle Over Mekong River‚
  127. Massachusetts Man Arrested after Swimming in Aquarium Shark Tank
  128. 6,700 Gallon Aqaurium in a bBarn
  129. Dolphin attacks on Cardigan Bay porpoises baffle experts; 'Dolphins will eat anything
  130. Costa Concordia Refloating: Step by Step in Photos
  131. Dead Pleco in Kings Beach Creek
  132. TiliLeaks: Exclusive Documents Reveal SeaWorld's Reckless History With Serial Killer
  133. Vancouver Aquarium heads to the park board to make its case for captivity; 'We‚
  134. Rare blue-colored red king crab caught in Alaska
  135. The Killer Dolphins: 'Alarming' rise in fatal attacks on porpoises leaves experts baf
  136. Fate of Vancouver Aquarium hangs in the balance: ‚
  137. Underwater hell: Man trapped for 20 hours in Spanish cave
  138. Biggest UK fish ever caught off Isle of Skye; 'I can‚
  139. Study: Blue Whale 'Hot Spots' Overlap With Shipping Lanes, Raising Threats
  140. Woman Hauls In 'World Record' 143kg Tuna Off Sydney... Enough To Make 20,000 Sushi Ro
  141. River In China Mysteriously Turns Bloody Red Overnight
  142. Legendary dolphin activist Ric O'Barry offers to help Vancouver Aquarium Free Captive
  143. 'World's Oldest': Florida Manatee 'Snooty' Turns 66
  144. Expert: Shark attack trends offer clues to avoid unprovoked events; Data shows surfer
  145. Warm Water Sparks Flesh-Eating Disease Warning For Beachgoers in Florida
  146. Florida: Underwater treasure hunt pays off; 'It's priceless, unique, one of a kind'
  147. Hawaii: Tropical Fish Collector Charged With Misdemeanor For Scuba 'Terror' Attack Of
  148. Vancouver Aquarium's whale, dolphin breeding banned by park board
  149. China Bladder Trade Sending Mexican Porpoise to Extinction; 'Aquatic Cocaine'
  150. 'Human Dolphin' Can Hold Breath For More Than 20 Minutes
  151. As more male bass switch sex, a strange fish story expands; 'A Complex Mixture Of Che
  152. Bear Grylls on how to survive 'Sharknado': 'Go for the gills
  153. Shark eyes designed to catch photons in twilight zone
  154. Study: Sharks Think Kite Surfers Are Birds; Skimming Water 'A Strong Feeding Stimulus
  155. Your flushed anti-anxiety meds could be increasing the lifespan of fish
  156. Swedish eel slithers its last after 155 years; eel found dead in family well thought
  157. Siamese fins! Body of Two-headed Dolphin Washes Up On Turkish Beach
  158. Status: Great White, Bull, And Tiger Sharks Responsible For Most Attacks On Humans; '
  159. The unexpected beauty of plankton: Magnified photographs showcase the microscopic cre
  160. Mysterious Fish Baffles Aussie Experts
  161. Shark vs. Dolphin Battles Can Have Surprising Outcomes
  162. Swamp People: Florida alligator hunt begins; 'A Combination Between Hunting and Fishi
  163. This Ocean Worm is Truly, Deeply Terrifying
  164. Save (Most of) the Whales: Greenpeace now supports Inuit hunting, but Native groups s
  165. Giant Albino saltwater crocodile 'Michael jackson' kills Australia fisherman; 'One in
  166. Why Does The Sea Smell Like The Sea?
  167. Aussie spearfisher Attacked By Shark, Bitten On Face; 'It was a bit like Jaws'
  168. Deadly Beauty: Portrait Of The Portuguese Man Of war
  169. Forget Walking On Water, South African Daredevil Will walk Underwater; 'We‚
  170. Rudderless control could bring supersonic submarines from sci-fi to reality; 'We are
  171. At Risk: Whale-Watching Found to Stress Out Whales; 'Death By 1000 Cuts'
  172. Owners of new San Antonio aquarium under investigation After Animal deaths; 'It's Def
  173. It Lives: Pilots Spot ‚
  174. DVD case may have contributed to Virginia whale‚
  175. 'Get out of the water!': Terrifying moment two unsuspecting swimmers are circled by a
  176. Butchered on the beach: Whales Heard 'Screaming in Agony' as 33 Were Slaughtered Whil
  177. 40 years later 'Jaws' still alive on Martha's Vineyard
  178. Sea shepherd Anti-whaling activists arrested in the Faroe Islands will face charges
  179. Whale Wars: Japan to resume Antarctic minke whale hunt With More 'Scientific Focus'
  180. Wahoo catch could be a first off U.S. Pacific Coast waters; 'A freaking wahoo'
  181. Florida: Scientist Criticizes Aquarium Over 'Dolphin tale's' Living Conditions; Winte
  182. How Much Danger Do Ship Strikes Pose to Blue Whales? 'Not so fast'
  183. Australia: New Phase of MH370 Search To Start With 'Best Available Technology'
  184. Watch: Fish and Eels Team Up to Catch Prey--Rare Among Animals; 'Let's Go Hunting'
  185. Australia: Shark attack claims life of lone surfer On East Coast; 'Very Serious Bite
  186. Fantastically Wrong: The Legend of the Kraken, a Monster That Hunts With Its Own Poop
  187. Faroe Island Whaling, a 1,000-Year Tradition, Comes Under Renewed Fire; 'Everyone Com
  188. 3,300-year-old 'Titanic of the Med' gives invaluable clues to Mideast's past
  189. Marine park attractions: can they survive?
  190. Investigation: 'Couch Potato' Farmed Salmon Has 'More Fat Than Pizza'
  191. Rare whale shark sighting documented Off Southern California
  192. Study: Bolder stickleback fish make faster decisions
  193. Marshalls president: 'The beaches where I used to fish are underwater'
  194. Undersea 'Asteroid Mission' Wraps Up Off Florida Coast; 'It catches the eye'
  195. Rare Bizarre-Looking Creature Spotted by Underwater Researchers
  196. Scientists Baffled by UFOs (Unidentified floating objects) That Washed Up On a Sydney
  197. Great White Sharks Linked To California Sea otter Population Decline; Recovery 'Stall
  198. Real Life 'Mermaid' Devotes Her Lifestyle To Saving Deadly Sharks And Manta Rays
  199. Man Versus Sea: South Africa‚
  200. Ancient African fish dust nourishes Amazon
  201. Absurd Creature of the Week: The Incredible Spider That Lives Its Entire Life Underwa
  202. Tokyo‚
  203. Scientists capture footage of white orca so rare that there has only been one other s
  204. Blackfish: Amid whale battle, some aquariums scale back; 'They're basically giving up
  205. Jaws vs Jaws: Moment five meter long cannibal shark sinks its teeth into another grea
  206. 35,000 Sea Walrus Came ashore in Alaska
  207. Five Swimmers Rescued From Galway Bay After Dolphin 'Slapping' Attack
  208. Western Australia shark attack: Surfer Loses Both Hands To Shark In Australia
  209. Gulf Of Mexico Whale could be the world's most endangered animal
  210. Frenzy: Central Coast beaches closed after multiple shark attacks
  211. Reds: Russian Military Takes Full Control Over Combat Dolphin Program in Crimea
  212. Expert: Shipwreck Found Near Haiti Not Columbus' Santa Maria; 'Much later Period'
  213. Katharine The Great White Shark Signals From Inside Cape Cod Bay
  214. 'Hook' Shot: Famed Shark Appears To Be Recovering From Bang Stick Wound; 'Made me sad
  215. Scientists: World's fish leaving tropics, moving poleward; 'The tropics will be the o
  216. Quagga mussels: 'Most dangerous alien species' found in reservoir near Heathrow Airpo
  217. River Monsters: Aussie Authorities Baffled Over Identity of Blood-sucking Creatures T
  218. Fattened Gray Whales In Low-Ice Arctic Set To Journey South; 'There‚
  219. Crabzilla! Photo appears to show giant 'Crab' measuring at least 50ft across lurking
  220. Boy, 12, Catches 8-Foot Tiger Shark Off Fort Lauderdale
  221. Massive One Ton Great White Shark Caught In Russian Far East
  222. River Monster: Everyone‚
  223. Experience: I was attacked by a dolphin; 'I knew I had to get out of the water, but c
  224. Swedish Navy Hunts for Mystery Underwater Object, Russia Denies Involvement
  225. SeaWorld Veterinarians: We‚
  226. The World's New Biggest Ship? Maybe. Niftiest Ship? For Sure
  227. Hold Your Breath: 'Aquastronauts' Go Underwater to Train for Space
  228. Guilty: Man who killed great white shark in Sussex Inlet thought he was doing a good
  229. What It Takes To Transport 112 Tons of Arctic Ice Over 2,000 Miles
  230. Shipping company pleads guilty in molasses spill that killed marine life in Honolulu
  231. Doubt: Finland urges Sweden to disclose reasons of underwater operation; 'We would no
  232. Slow And Nearly Blind, Mysterious Greenland Sharks May Have Spread Everywhere
  233. No Fluke: Man Gets Tangled Up in Illegal Fish Activity, Lands in Prison; 'Research St
  234. French Grunt: Research Documents Freaked Out Fish Grind Their Teeth and Produce Odd N
  235. Underwater 'Windmills' Could Power One-Third of Scotland
  236. Great White shark selfie! Brave photographer snaps picture with killer beast
  237. Australia: Boatie climbs onto whale carcass as sharks circle; 'Risky Behavior'
  238. 'Mum Thinks I'm an Idiot': Man Dived Into Shark Infested Waters and 'Surfed' on Whale
  239. Legendary Sushi Chef Jiro Warns Against Overfishing
  240. Enron Of the Sea? Three Justices Consider Whether Tossing Out Three Fish Destroyed 'R
  241. Scientists Explain Zebrafish Stripes, How To Erase Them
  242. Is this the most dangerous dare ever accepted? Watch the moment a man jumps from a bo
  243. Mysterious Tar Mounds Found A Mile Below The West African Ocean
  244. God Of Lobsters: Fisherman Auctions Rare Four-stone Monster For A Staggering £60,000
  245. san Diego: Reward Seeks to Find Who's Shooting Sea Lions
  246. (Trace, harmless) Fukushima radiation has almost made it to California
  247. £16m Cocaine Smuggling Ring 'Used James Bond-style Underwater Vehicle' To Bring Drug
  248. Gabon Announces World's Newest Underwater Reserve, Rich in Threatened Wildlife
  249. Scars help reveal whale migration routes