Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

By: Johan

Why perform termite inspections?
Termite inspections should ideally be carried out regularly if you live in an area where wood damaging termites are present. By regularly inspecting your home, you can find out about termite attacks early and treat the problem before serious wood damage has occurred. A lot of home owners put off termite inspections since they are reluctant to pay the cost of termite inspection , but by comparing several different companies you can usually negotiate a reasonable termite inspection price. A lot of termite inspection companies will also offer regular termite inspections for free, or for a limited price, for home owners that have hired them for termite treatments in the past.

Termite inspection for prospective home owners
If you plan to purchase a house, it is always a good idea to hire a company to do a full termite inspection before you sign anything. This way, you will increase the chance of finding out about any existing termite problems and negotiate the price accordingly. Even if the company does not find any signs of termite attacks, they will be able to provide you with detailed information about the risk of termite infestations in your region and point to sections of you house that are especially vulnerable to termite attacks.

After a thorough termite inspection , you will also be able to decide whether or not you wish to hire the company to termite-proof your home. No termite-proofing method is 100 percent effective, but by carrying out efficient termite prevention you will greatly decrease the risk of a future termite attack. Keep in mind that a house may have been subjected to termite problems in the past, even if no signs of termite infestation are found during this particular termite inspection .Affected wooden parts can for instance have been replaced.

Termite inspection details
The thoroughness of a termite inspection can vary significantly between different termite inspection companies. In most cases, a standard termite inspection will consists of a visual inspection of readily accessible areas of your home. The interior as well as the exterior of the home should be inspected, and it is naturally imperative to include basements, crawlspaces and similar. Inspecting the attic will be extra important if you home is located in an area where dry-wood termites are present. 

If parts of your home are difficult to access, you should always ask the termite inspection company about whether or not the termite inspection will include these parts. You might for instance have an enclosed crawlspace that must be opened up.

Termite inspection result
A reputable termite inspection company will always provide you with a form or similar document where all the details regarding the termite inspection have been written down. Any findings must naturally be reported, but it is also important to include details regarding which parts of your home that have been inspected. Always save this document for future reference.

Termite inspection time
A very common question asked by home owners is how long the termite inspection will take. This is naturally impossible to say, since a large house will require a longer inspection than a small home. How difficult it is to access the various parts of the building is naturally also important. A standard inspection of a medium sized home will often take 30-45 minutes, but this number can vary a lot.

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