Black widow spider bite

Black widow spider bite

How does a Black widow spider bite look and feel
You may not notice when you receive the black widow spider bite, since it does not have to be painful at first. Within 30-40 minutes, the black widow spider bite will however have caused an agonizing pain.

It is impossible to know in advance how you will react to a black widow spider bite, since the severity of the reaction will depend on a number of things, such as how much venom the spider injected, how sensitive you are to black widow spider venom and which part of your body that received the bite.

After receiving a black widow spider bite, the toxin will enter your bloodstream. Since it affects the nervous system it will eventually produce more or less severe pain. You may notice a local swelling and see two faint red spots. The red spots show where the spider fangs punctured your skin. Pain will eventually start spreading from the bite site to other parts of your body. It is common to feel pain in the abdomen and back, and you may also experience cramping or rigidity in your abdominal muscles. A black widow spider bite can also make a person feel nauseous and restless, and tremors (shakings), laboured breathing, fever and increased blood pressure are all well known symptoms. In healthy adults the symptoms will usually start to vanish after one day, but it can take several days before the problems  have stopped completely.     

Black widow spider bite first aid
If you know or suspect that you have received a black widow spider bite, try to stay calm. It is very rare for healthy humans to die or suffer from serious long-term complications from a Black widow spider bite, but you should seek immediate medical attention. Contact a hospital or a poison control centre right away.

Clean the bitten area using ordinary soap and water, but be careful and avoid rubbing. You can relive the swelling and pain somewhat by placing an ice pack in the area where your received the black widow spider bite. Keep the bitten body part elevated and stay till.

If possible, ask someone to catch the spider that bit you. Do not run around trying to catch the spider your self; it is more important that you remain still. If the spider is caught, it will be easier for health professionals to determine which species it belongs to and how to treat you. Even a damaged spider should be collected and brought with you to the doctor.

Black widow spider bite treatment
Black widow spider bite treatment can involve several types of medications. Muscle relaxing medication combined with medication that reduces pain is known to be effective. Calcium gluconate is often used and you may also be given a shot of Black widow spider antivenin. The antivenin is usually given to patients with an underlying health problem, such as a heart condition, or if you do not get better from the other medications.


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