King cobra snake

King cobra snake

The King cobra snake (Ophiophagus hannah) is actually not a cobra, since it belongs to the genus Ophiophagus while all the true cobras are found in the genus Naja. The King cobra snake is however a bit similar to the true cobras; it can for instance lift a third of its body off the ground, and when it feels intimidated it will produce loud, high-pitched hisses and make a hood around its neck by flattening its upper ribs.  

King cobra snake range
The natural range for the King cobra snake included a large part of the Indian mainland, and it is also found in Malaysia, the Philippines and south China.

King cobra snake habitat
The typical King cobra snake habitat is made up by dense highland forests in south-eastern Asia. The King cobra snake is found of water and is often found near rivers, streams and lakes. In the Indian mountains, King cobra snakes inhabit altitudes up to 2000 metres (6500 feet) above sea level.

King cobra snake size

The King cobra snake can reach a length of 5.7 meters (18.5 feet) which makes it the longest venomous snake on land. As mentioned above, it can actually lift a third of its body off the ground which means that you can find yourself staring a King cobra snake directly in the eye – or even glance up on it from below! It comes as no surprise that the King cobra snake have reached a legendary status and is feared


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