Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Malaysian Trumpet Snail

Malaysian Trumpet Snail

By: jbeining75

Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Malaysian Trumpet Snail
Picture by shalafi04

Species name: Melanoides tuberculata

Common name: Malaysian Trumpet Snail, Red Rimmed Snail, Malaysian Livebearing Snails, or MTS

Family: Thiaridae

Order: Sorbeoconcha

Class: Gastropoda

Maximum size: 1 inch

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: Subtropical and tropical Africa and Asia

Temperament: Peaceful

Company: Small tetra and non aggressive fish. Should not be kept with large cichlids or loaches that will consume snails such as Yoyo loaches. Crayfish will also consume the snails.

Water parameters: 70-80 F, pH 6.8-7.8, soft to hard water but will quickly adapt to almost all condition with a stable ammonia and nitrite level.

Aquarium setup: A peaceful planted aquarium that is well established is best. Provide the snail leaves to crawl on and plenty of places to clean algae from.Due to the small size they can be kept and high number and will reproduce faster than most can keep up with.

Feeding: The snail will devour algae and filter debris off the substrate.

Breeding: Very easy. Three snails you will have a hundred in a week. No data needed here because they will spawn at will and will often over cumber the tank very fast.