Chinese Mystery Snail
Chinese Mystery Snail

Chinese Mystery Snail

Species name: Viviparus malleatus and Cipangopaludina chinensis

Common name: Black Japanese Trap Door Snail, Chinese Mystery Snail, Asian Apple Snail, Chinese Apple Snail, Japanese Trapdoor Snail, Mud Snail, Oriental Mystery Snail, Tanisha, Rice Snail

Family: Viviparidae

Order: Architaenioglossa

Class: Gastropoda

Maximum size: Around 2.5 inches

Coloration:Normally tan to brown to grey or olive green but generally a solid color throughout. The shell is very thin with very tight whorls.

Environment: Freshwater

Origin: Southeastern Asia to Eastern Russia

Temperament: Peaceful

Company: A smaller tetra community tank is ideal. Any larger or aggressive fish such as cichlids will just view these as a food item.

Water parameters: 6.0-7.8 pH, soft to hard water, temperature 34-80 F. No ammonia or nitrites in tank as they are very susceptible to poisoning.

Aquarium setup: A planted aquarium with stable levels is best for this species to be kept in.

Feeding: Generally this species will combat algae without destroying your beautiful planted aquarium. The snail will also eat pellets and wafers as well as vegetables and frozen foods.

Breeding: Japanese trap door snails are not egg layers like most snails. They are livebearers and generally bear around twice a year in very small numbers.