Sand flea bait
Sand flea

Sand flea bait

The sand flea bait is a known among many fishermen as the ultimate bait when surf fishing. Usually they can be found where you stand and can be used instantaneously. There never been a better animal suited for spontaneous fishing than the sand flea bait. Fishes go nuts about the sand flea bait and you can count on a great catch using these little buggers. Once you have found a good spot on a beach you will not want to leave. Yes, finding a good spot to find sand flea bait is a fine day to be fishing.

Sand flea bait – Not a crab
Although looking like small crabs and also known as mole crabs, sand crabs and lookie cookies the sand flea bait is no crab at all. While it has many similarities to the normal crabs and shrimps the sand flea bait is actually a member of the Anomura infraorder, while real crabs are members of the Brachyura infraorder. The difference between the two is not very big though, they both more or less look the same, eat the same food and reproduce in a similar fashion.

Sand flea bait – Usage
The sand flea bait is perfect to use while surf fishing since they are easy to locate and even easier to use. Pick it up, remove the hard shell, attach it to the hook and start fishing. The fish love the sand flea bait and will go directly for it.

Sand flea bait – Bag’em
To find sand flea baits you will need to go to the beach as they are usually hiding right under the sand at the waterline, especially when there is a low tide. They can also be found moving up and down on the beach as the waves come rolling in. Using a sand flea bait rake can really improve your catch and give you much more time over to concentrate on fishing.

Sand flea bait – Humane alternative
If you do not want to catch and exploits these animals, yes sand lea baits are actually animals, there are other alternatives. Several lures has been cast to look like sand flea baits and that should be an excellent alternative for you out there that are looking for a more humane alternative when fishing. It might sound stupid but it kind of is like hunting wolfs by throwing poisonous rabbits at them.

Sand flea bait – Battle of the nickname
The sand flea as a name is fought about by not only two, but three, different kinds of animals. The sand flea bait can be referred to as a sand flea but that is incorrect as it actually is called Emerita. It is also wrong to call beach living insects for sand fleas since they are more commonly known as sand flies. The only true sand flea is actually a group of shrimp like Amphipoda know as Talitridae. This might not be important while fishing but can well be something to impress on your friends with the next time you are talking about surf fishing and sand flea baits.


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