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Marine Tank Addict
Posts: 10,337
Registered: February 2008


Eheim Classic Line Canister Filters
Reviews Views Date of last review
19 11432 Mon January 25, 2016
Recommended By Average Price Average Rating
100% of reviewers $189.33 9.2


The Eheim classic line of canister filters is a line that has been around for many years. Originally denoted by 20xx numbers, as the new models came out they were designated 22xx. Currently available in the US are the 2213, 2215, 2217, 2250, and 2260. The design of these filters is very efficient, the water enters the canister through the bottom of the filter and is returned to the tank through the top. The pump is not extremely powerful on these filters and thus they do not have a high flowrate, however this lower flowrate is more than made up for by the surface area of the media. The Eheim Classic Line canister filter remains a great choice for hobbyists. If low flow is not what you like then these filters are not for you, however if you are not obsessed with high flow in your tank then these are a wonderful option.
Keywords: Eheim Canister

emperor280_268.jpg Eheim_Classics.jpg Biowheel.jpg



More Cowbell!

Registered: October 2006
Location: NEW JERSEY
Posts: 16911
Review Date: Tue October 23, 2012 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Extremely quiet, Extremely well-made, Huge amount of biomedia, biomedia is ceramic noodles
Cons: Price, instructions aren't clear enough for a beginner user

I have owned a 2217 and two 2215's and these are by far and away the best canister. My 2217 is over ten years old and still was going strong until I took it out of service for the time being ( the whole tank because of lack of space for 55 gallon tank.) I have a 2215 running on my 20gallon long and once again it is working extremely well with crystal clear water. Ihave no complaints about any of the eheim filters except for the price, but you get what you pay for. The quality far exceeds the cost in the long run with these, however. One small thing to note though is that the printed instructions for set up of the entire classic line is very confusing for someone that is new to our hobby/new to canistwer filters. This is easily remedied by doing a quick search on youtube for how to set up your Eheim filter. There are lots of good informational videos about this topic as well as maintenance of said filter. Example (setting up)

> > > >
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Registered: December 2012
Posts: 47
Review Date: Tue January 15, 2013 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: None indicated | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): Price was great, easy install.
Cons: Lack of hose provided

Just setup this filter 24 hrs ago. It was super easy to setup. I have read people have an issue with priming, not the case here. Just fill the canister with water and turn on. Instantly started, it blew bulbs off an on for about 5 minutes until all the air got out of the media. My tank crystal clear the next morning. The motor it self is also very quiet. I had to walk over and put my hand on it to verify that it was actually running.

65 Gallon Tall 4' long Planted aquarium, Eheim 2217
Stock: 6 Roseline's, 6 Peppered Corys, 4 Oto's, 5 Giant Danios, 4 Rosey Barbs, 2 Ruby Rams-Male-Female, 1 F German Ram, 2 Dwarf Gourami, 2 Angle Fish, 3 shrimp.
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Senior Member

Registered: August 2014
Location: No where near as cool as Mac
Posts: 15341
Review Date: Thu November 20, 2014 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $149.00 | Rating: 10 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): water goes from one end to other, quiet, easy disconnect tubing, easy initial set up (using youtube), crystal clear water, very low maintenance
Cons: Can be tough to prime the first time, but a breeze afterwards.

I purchased a 2217 because my current canister filters were sucking in air and I had to adjust them on a daily basis. I was looking for a good quality filter and had always heard that Eheim was the best, just couldn't afford it when I first bought my canister filters years ago.

Looking at the Eheim classic series the first thing that really caught me was the fact that unlike every other canister filter I have seen, this filter has the IN?OUT at opposite ends of the canister. What a concept, to actually get the water to flow through the media and not around it! As I read the reviews I did see some cautions on priming, but looking at the design versus the filters I currently had-I saw very little room for air to leak in and the smart flow, big intake and spray bar sold me! That and there was a sale at the online site I bought this filter at.

As soon as I set this up in tandem with the two other filters I had on my 55 gallon tank I noticed an improvement in water quality-it was clearer. My other canister filters would shoot water out and it added a nice current but sometimes quantity is not the same a quality. The Eheim does a decent job with current, but I appreciate the fact that the water is pushed through the media and if this makes it slower flow-then I am all for it! Also the advertised gph on all Eheim filters is with a fully filled canister, the same cannot be said of the advertised speeds on other canister filters where the water moves around the media, not through it.

Suffice to say I love the first 2217 so much that when it had been up and running for 2 months I ditched the old canisters and bought myself another 2217, seeded it with the biological media from my old canister filters and now have 2 running on my 75 gallon tank. I will not go back to any other canister filter, ever!

As for priming, the first time I set it up on my 55, it was a little difficult, youtube has some great tricks to make it easy. Once you have it primed the first time, if you follow the same steps the next time it is self starting. I know as i had to take it a part a couple times while I moved from a 55 gallon to a 75 gallon, and even with the canister being only a foot under the temporary storage "tanks" the filter never had a problem priming after I disconnected it-even when the intake/output tubing was dry.

Love the Eheim 2217 classic 600 canister filter, I hope it loves me too for years to come!

Two 5.5g- Shrimp tanks; 1st with 4 chilis, green endlers & Bloody Mary shrimp and 2nd with blue star endlers and Blue Dream shrimp
Four-27 gallon tubs, 1st w/ BN plecos; 2nd w/ gouramis, rainbow fish, kuhli, dojos and female endlers; 3rd w/ albino corys, pepper cory, panda corys; 4th is 90% plants and one Diva-pea puffer.

75g-now the TUB tanks:
5.5 G Shrimp Tanks
&%-Goldfish Tank


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Senior Member

Registered: January 2015
Location: Virginia
Posts: 7174
Review Date: Mon January 25, 2016 Would you recommend the product? Yes | Price you paid?: $120.00 | Rating: 9 

Positive aspects of the product (pros): room for lots of media, quiet
Cons: setup instructions are useless

Hands down, this is the quietest filter I've ever owned. The canister holds LOTS of media (I was able to fill it with the media from my old filter and all the new media, and still have a bit of room left over), and it's easy to customize to your media needs. Only reason it lost a point was because the so-called set-up instructions that come with it are pretty much useless; they only show what parts you're supposed to have, but not how most of them connect to each other, and no explanation at all about how to divide the tubing (or the mention that you may need a hacksaw/pipe cutter/utility knife to complete the installation). For a first-timer to canister filters, this can be VERY confusing.

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