I bought this fixture after doing a little research. I found mix reviews, but nothing to horrible, so I decided to try it out. The fixture itself is of pretty good construction. Materials: Full metal body, plastic end caps, plastic legs, acrylic splashguard. This model has 3 light settings. 1st setting controls 2 t5's, second setting controls other 2 t5's, and 3rd setting controls 4 pairs of moon lights. Timer is very easy to use and works great. Light has 2 fans, one intake fan and one exhaust fan. Even with running all 4 lights for about 2 hours together the fixture never gets hot. Just slightly warm. The bulbs that came with this fixture were pretty good, all came intact and in working condition. I have had this light for about 1 1/2 months, and experienced awesome growth compared to factory dual 15 watt lights I had before. I observed about 4" of growth on stem plants in 1 1/2 weeks in a 24" deep tank. So far I use the moonlights (that consist of 4 pairs of blue LEDs) every night for 4 hours. There has been 0% failure on these. I have read a lot about other manufactures having LED's that fail soon after purchase. I highly recommend this light for its price $109.99 and free shipping. If there are any questions or need for pictures of current setup please message me.