1. Use high efficient 3w LED as the light source, could penetrate deep into the tank bottom, Based on 72x 3W high power LEDs. Blue 24*3w LED; White: 48*3w LED
2. 2 power cord system: 1 Cord controls the White LEDs and 1 Cord controls the blue LEDs
3. Wide beam angle: 90 degree, LEDís light is downwards directly and wide beam angle help confirm uniform coverage, you donít need to buy additional bulky reflector like MH.
4. No cooling fee: LED is cold lighting which runs much cooler than standard florescent and metal halides and 3 built-in cooling fans help cool down the lamp very well, you donít need to buy additional expensive cooling system
5. Lifetime : The high power 3w LED convert electric energy into light directly, there is no filament to break on led, so they could be more durable and nearly no maintenance, you donít need to replace the bulbs frequently like MH/Fluorescent.
6. Built-in CE approval 97% efficiency Power supply, plug and play, no need heavy ballast as MH and fluorescent which will inefficient and burnout finally.
7. 3 modes optional:
A. Blue on, White off;
B. Blue off, White on;
C. Blue on, White on
8. Environment-friendly: no mercury and other harmful heavy metal
9. Blue & White, alternative, (Blue, white, blue, white.): White & Blue combined in one unit, no need additional T5/T8 for actinium blue supplement.
10. 3 year warranty
11. For use of fish tank lighting, seaweed cultivation, coral, fish, etc.
12. For most of the aquatic creatures; turn on blue light at night to enjoy a fantastic visual effect on coral, fish, etc.
13. Do not touch or knock at the product when itís on operation.
14. High reflective screen preventing unexpected water splash, but non waterproof, stay away from water no less than 30cm.